Monday, August 18, 2014

Weekend Fun!

Friday night I had cousins night in Columbus.  My cousin Kelly has done an amazing job of trying to get everyone together once a month, usually just for dinner and drinks but this particular time was for a night out.  The whole family loaded up our car and went to the “big city” for the night. Joe, Ellie and Reggie stayed at his moms house for the while I spent the night with the cousins at Kelly’s. I didn’t get a single picture of Ellie with her Grandma MAC because I wasn’t there and Joe isn’t in love with picture taking the way I am sooooo…

here is my favorite picture of MAC with Ellie from when she was born. Look how tiny little Ellie was…and I love MAC’s hat:)

blah6 016

Ok anyways…cousins night was really fun. We had a hot dog bar with every topping you could imagine, including my veggie chili and veggie dogs (I was the only one eating those!) and even left over slaw that Joe made from the other night (so delicious even on hot dogs)

phone56 002

My sister Molly and I.

phone56 003

phone56 008

We hung out and had some adult beverages and then headed to the local bar: Bob’s Bar.  It was such a cool little place.  If you like beer you should check it out…they have a ton of different types of beer and it is a really cool low key atmosphere.  We ended up staying out really late and I must say staying up that late just isn’t as fun anymore when you have responsibilities other then yourself the next day, ha!

Saturday we had fun visiting with friends and we also visited my sister Molly, her boyfriend Nate and their two cats…Lennon and Bogey.  Bogey happens to be a brand new little kitten that is TINY!!!  Ellie loved touching his soft fur.

phone56 018

Ellie also tried prunes for the first time this weekend and LOVES them.  She is the weirdest eater. She loves veggies more then fruits and now loves prunes…gross!  I guess I am glad she doesn’t just love all the sweet stuff like her mama but I still find it strange. At any rate she is a holy mess when eating these dang prunes…they are so runny and she insists on trying to feed herself and smear it all over her face.

camera 12 001

Just looking at that picture makes me want to wipe her down again just in case. 

We ended up having a pretty busy weekend, which is unusual for us…typically we are homebodies and like to hang out, watch a movie and relax.  Ellie’s cold seems to be getting a little better but I am sort of convinced she may be teething so hopefully we will have a “first tooth” post here really soon!!!!

I hope you all had a fun weekend too.  Happy Monday!!!!


  1. That prune face is just the sweetest thing ever!
    Sounds like a great weekend- A hot dog bar was a brilliant idea!!!

  2. Love cousins time! Ellie's prune face is so sweet!