Monday, August 4, 2014

Weekend Fun

We had a fun filled weekend that began with this:

camera 4 020

camera 4 021

Ellie’s first time in the big bathtub!!!  She loves bath time and over the last month she has started to grow out of her infant tub.  She has seemed so interested in being able to play in the water more then the little tub would let her.  We figured because she is able to sit up better by herself we would give it a whirl and let her try the big tub…and SHE LOVED IT! She had so much fun splashing and kicking.

Now, we just need to get more tub toys for her. 

Ellie had another first this weekend…she got to swing on a swing sit at the campground while we visited family. 

Apparently I took a million pictures of this poor kid in that swing and as I was looking at the pictures I thought to myself, “wow that swing is probably really gross and dirty"…I wonder why I didn’t think about that before we put her in the thing…does that make us bad parents??? 

Oh well, she had fun and laughed a ton;I am sure she will come across other things just as germy eventually.

camera 4 055

camera 4 064

camera 4 066

camera 4 074

I warned you I took WAAAAYYYY too many pics of the swing…but she was being so darn cute, and can we just talk about how chunky her little legs looked!!!

My cousins two kids loved playing with Ellie and were so cute asking if she could do things that she isn’t old enough for yet.  Example : “Can Ellie come on a bike ride with us?” It is so funny and cute how kids don’t understand age and development.  Either way they were both so good with her and entertained her tons too.

camera 4 042

Why is her head bigger then theirs?!?!?! Ha. I am sure she will grow in to it.

And just in case you didn’t get enough pictures already…here are a few more from our visit to the camp ground.  I got a little camera happy!

camera 4 043

camera 4 051

camera 4 080

camera 4 087

Nice little set up they have there. It made us want to look into purchasing a tent or cheap camper for the future.  I have always loved camping, which may come as a surprise to those that think I always like to get dressed up and don’t like getting dirty…ok, well I do like getting dressed up and I don’t really like the dirt…but camping is still fun.

Drinking, eating, playing games…s’mores…sweatshirts, drinking, s’mores…

Ahh, I love to camp!

So,that was pretty much our weekend. Nothing too big since Joe was still recovering from a concussion he got about a week ago.  He is doing MUCH better today, but for a bit there it was kind of scary!

Hope you all had a great weekend too and enjoy the week :)

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  1. I was so glad you could join us. The kids had fun with Ellie.