Tuesday, August 12, 2014

This is not a post about bar crawls

This cold thing is for the birds!

I let Ellie sleep in her swing over night despite being nervous she would somehow squirm enough and escape the seat…she is buckled in of course, so the chances of her getting out are pretty slim…but my mommy brain never stops!  One of my friends recommended putting pillows all over the ground under her “just in case”…and so that is what I did.  Those stupid pillows offered me so much peace it was unbelievable.  I can’t believe the amount of cheer joy I felt when that little tip was offered…it was like a calm came over me and I was so happy she could sleep in that dang swing without the chance of her falling to the ground. So stupid…but it’s the little things!l

As luck would have it, she slept really well last night despite her cold…I thank the swing, and my friend, Amy, for her saving tip!!!

Speaking of her sleeping, I feel like we have had it pretty darn good.  She is a great sleeper at night for the most part.  However, she is the worst little napper due to her genetic FOMO (fear of missing out)…I may or may not have that problem too.  She wants to always know what is going on and God forbid she misses out on something while she is sleeping! Again, I guess I can’t blame the girl…I never nap and always want to know what is going on.  I will tell you, the no nap situation is a little rough on me…makes it super hard to get anything done during the day but I guess I will take it if it means she sleeps thru the night!


We had decided very early on that she would sleep in her room. Of course, to each their own, because I understand what works for us doesn’t work for everyone so I want to put that out there right away!!!  My husband couldn’t understand why we would put together this beautiful nursery and then not have her sleep in the dumb thing. I must have agreed because from day 3 of her life she has slept in her room. 

At first it was in her rock n play in a swaddle blanket…then at about 3ish months we moved on to her crib with the Merlin Magic Sleep Suit:

blah3 150

I think I have mentioned this thing before, but just in case…

THIS THING IS AMAZING!!!! (and looks so hilarious)

We loved this magical suit…it really helped her transition from the rock n play and being swaddled to the big open crib.  The theory is that the heaviness of the suit makes it harder for her to wake herself up with the normal twitching babies do.  Without that suit she would constantly wake herself up.  She came to love that darn thing to the point that I started to get nervous she would never be able to sleep without it.  There were a few nights scattered in there that she just slept in a onesie because it was too hot for all that suit. They have now started making a cotton one which is great for summer months. I could obviously go on forever about that thing. 

Eventually she grew out of it…and truth be told, I probably stuffed her poor little butt into that for a little too long after she grew out of it.  I was just so nervous to try anything else.  Finally I sucked it up and ordered some sleep sacks, thinking that would probably work for her.  Yeah…not so much.  She would fling her legs around and play with all of the fabric and never fall asleep.  Just goes to show that some things work for some babies and some things work for other babies…so strange!!

I finally bought some good, old fashioned footed pjs…and it worked!!!!

phone 5 021

Ok, so I didn’t actually buy that fancy number above…but before I purchased some I had this pretty Vera Bradley onesie my mom had gotten her so I tested it out and it worked great!

From there, I went and got some more and she loves them:

phone 9 070

phone 9 012

She is so excited she can’t even keep her arms and legs still, ha!

So she still sleeps pretty darn good at night, but she has begun rolling all over the place and sleeping on her side and belly a lot more! This made me nervous at first but after talking to other moms I learned this is normal and if they can roll easily it isn’t a big deal…I obviously can’t continue to go in there and flip her back to her back.

I tried…it didn’t work, she kept rolling.

At any rate…that is our sleeping story thus far.

My my…how my blog has changed from stories about drinking and bar crawls to pajamas!!! Oh well…I love my little family and I still love bar crawls so hopefully I can squeeze one of those back in my life sometime soon.


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