Monday, August 11, 2014

Sick baby

I have to say I feel so lucky that our little monkey has made it 7 months without getting sick, but I am sad to say poor gal has come down with a cold.

She has been so darn cute trying to figure out why snot keeps bubbling out of her nose, but it is so sad that I can’t really do much for her.  Per my mommy friends, I have tried to gather the supplies that I can actually use to try and make her comfortable:

phone 9 107

Little Remedies saline drops: She is actually really cooperative with me putting this in her little nose. I have done this most every morning since she was about 2 months old just to try and keep her healthy.

Bulb suction: this is the one from the hospital. One of our friends recommended that we swipe and keep a hold of this one because they are by far the best. I have to agree…I have used several other store bought ones and they suck! This one works like a gross charm.  She is also pretty good at letting me do this too.

Boogie Wipes: First of all, I love the name of these.  I get that I am probably wasting my money and should just use tissues…but they are so soft on her nose and they are made with saline…I just like them. I really like the grape scented ones, but they didn’t have those at the store today so I settled for unscented. Let’s be honest, poor kid probably can’t smell anyways.

Vic's warm steam vaporizer: I had bought this awhile back when I was trying to use up my medical flexible spending account. I almost forgot I even had it stashed up in the closet but one of my friends recommended it…so that worked out.  There is a little area you can pour Vic's liquid stuff in the top so when the steam comes out it smells like Vic's which is supposed to help with congestion.  Hopefully it does…poor baby.

Having Ellie sick sucks and makes me feel lucky to have her healthy most of the time. Luckily even though poor thing can’t breath thru her nose she has been in good spirits most of the day…even with snot running down her face, ha.

phone 9 106

Hopefully she will get over this quick and be back to her healthy little self soon…and let’s hope she sleeps like the champ she usually is cause this momma could use a good nights sleep too!

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