Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Play Dates

Well we had our first official “play date” yesterday.

Before I had Ellie I always heard this term and thought it sounded absolutely ridiculous.  I never had “play dates” growing up, I just played with my friends.  I just always thought it seemed a little fru fru for me…like only moms that lived in the Upper East Side of Manhattan (is that the fancy side?!?!) had “play dates”.  However, it seems to have slowly trickled down to normal everyday moms too. 

Having a little baby, moving to a sort of new place that I haven’t lived in for awhile, and staying home I have started to see why “play dates” are actually a very nice thing.  Not having Ellie go to a baby sitter or daycare was the best choice for us and I love being home with her, but she doesn’t get to be around kids on a daily basis…she doesn’t get as much social interaction as the kid that is in daycare or with other kids at a babysitters.  As a mom, I don’t get the adult interaction that most working ladies do. 

So…play dates are awesome for both things.  They get your children around other kids…even if they are only months old, and they get moms together to discuss all the things moms do. 

How much do you feed your baby?

How much sleep are you getting?

Do you ever change out of yoga pants if you aren’t going anywhere? ---NO, HELL TO THE NO!

So, when another mom reached out to me via a moms group on facebook, I  jumped at the chance to set up our first play date, and I am so glad I did. 

It was almost like a blind date, which is sort of funny looking back… I gave her my phone number and my address and waited for her to arrive, hoping she looked like her pictures, ha.  My husband was convinced it wasn’t an actual mom that was coming to visit but some serial killer, which I guess I get but I facebook stalked her a little to make sure she wasn’t super creepy, obviously, and I would expect her to have done the same thing.  BUT everything turned out great.

Our kids played together…kind of…they are only 7 and 10 months so they just squealed and grabbed at each other,but it was super cute.  Us moms got to chat it up and relax.  It was really nice and I am so grateful for Amber to have reached out like she did.  It was stretching out of my comfort zone but I am so glad I got over my fears and just jumped head first into this.

I look forward to more playmates with Amber and Cash…and soon baby Rhett too. ( God bless them having two boys under two!!!) And I feel like taking this first step has given me the confidence to start trying other new things with Ellie and getting out there more to meet other moms and get more involved.    Stay tuned…

Cash and Ellie “playing”:

phone 5 002

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