Friday, August 29, 2014

Oh Hey Friday…Football Edition


So…college football season starts!!!!!!  Since I am from Ohio and went to The Ohio State University I am obviously a giant fan of the Buckeyes!!! My most favorite time of the year is Saturdays in the fall…tailgating with friends/family and enjoying fall weather, football and a cold beer.  Last year I was pregnant…while it was worth it for little miss…I seriously missed drinking those cold beers so I am really looking forward to this year to make up for lost time!!! Even though I was prego, we still attempted to tailgate a couple of times:

all 162

Man…that was a hot one! Looking at this picture I am reminded of that heavenly chair my mother in law let us borrow…thank the good Lord for that foot rest!!!

I also attempted to go to a game last year…it was also the hottest day of the year (at least it felt like it) and I thought I was going to die or pass out or something, and then my sister and I came across this sign and we thought it was pretty ironic, so we took a picture…duh!

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And…I have no idea why in the world I am wearing a sweater if it was so flipping hot…maybe to mask my giant booty or pit stains from sweating so much….who knows!

At any rate I am linking up again with for “Oh Hey Friday” to list 5 random things…and this week I decided to take you back to football seasons past just to prove how much I love me some tailgating, dancing and beer drinking!


1// Let’s go waaaay back to the college days first.  This actually may have been the year after graduation so around 2003. 


2// Next picture, for some reason we became obsessed with getting our picture taken in this giant cement circle thing that sits on Lane Ave. (which is the main street for game day) I have a picture of me with someone every single year.  This next one is from 2004 I would guess.


3// Next picture is from 2010 with my mom and sister, Molly.  (and cement circle)


4// Again from 2010 with my great friend Ashley (and cement circle…again!)


5// Last picture is from 2008 when Ohio University played Ohio State…my cousin, Kelly and I went to the game. Kelly attended college at OU, me OSU…so we supported our teams.


Just looking at these pictures makes me sooooo excited for tomorrow!!!! I will probably be painting my nails tonight scarlet or perhaps like this picture which I did a few years ago…


but probably not…who am I kidding, I barely have time to paint them one color with Ellie squirming around let alone something with stripes!!!


Have a great weekend and GO BUCKEYES!!!!


  1. Love those nails!! Happy Football season!! Loved the throw-backs!

  2. Thanks Leslie! Those nails were not easy but totally worth it.