Friday, August 22, 2014

Oh Hey Friday!

I am linking up again with two wonderful ladies for this Friday linkup party!

So I am trying to get better about posting most days during the week…but that has proven to be a little harder then it sounds, especially for a procrastinating, time management failing mommy to a 7 month old!!! At any rate here are five random things we did or liked during this past week, enjoy (at least try to)

#1. Itzy Ritzy Ritzy Sitzy High Chair and Shopping Cart Cover, which you can find Here 

Since miss Ellie can sit up by herself and since little lady is starting to weight more then this mama wants to carry around, we purchased this.  When she was little we just carried her in her car seat, but now she is WAAAAAYYY too heavy for that…then I used to just put her in her stroller and stuff crap in the little under storage, but that doesn’t really work when you need to legit grocery shop.  So…I bought this so she can now sit up like a big girl in the shopping carts or in high chairs at restaurants without getting all the nasty germs from them all over her. 

phone57 007

Plus, how cute is she in this!!! The pattern is super fun and they have tons of other patterns too if you are looking for one for a little man.  It is really fluffy and comfy for her, and there are little loops so you can attach toys to it and she can’t throw the suckers all over the place…they stay put.  It is a little pricey, but I think so worth it!!!

phone57 014

I die with how big she looks in this thing…and let’s just talk about how my husband decided to pose when I told him to get ready cause I was taking a picture and he would be in it!

#2. Artwork

So I love coloring and painting and pretty much all art…but I never make time to do any of it.  I have tried slowly to get back into this and so this week I drew a little picture:

phone56 022

#3. Ellie started to love food!!

Little girl hasn’t really shown too much interest in eating food until this week.  My mother in law bought us some of these little pouches and she loved this one:

phone57 020

They are organic and super easy!!!  Yes I have still been making some baby food too, but when she doesn’t seem to eat much it makes it hard to be motivated to make things that she might not eat anyways.  Our friends gave us some of these Mum-Mum cookies/crackers and she was confused but then started to like feeding herself:

camera 12 020

camera 12 018

camera 12 019

I  mean…look at that little chubby wrist, and yes I have to separate that chubbiness to clean!

She has also started eating yogurt and LOVES that stuff!! I am so happy that she has started to seem a little more interested in food, yay!

#4. Weird, awkward, makeupless selfies…

When I was going thru my pictures from this past week I had a few gems of selfies I took of myself after or during some fun events.  I should probably not share these but whatever…it is my life and they are kind of funny. So, for your viewing pleasure:

phone57 019

We bought T25 and this was after my first video…a hot mess!

phone57 027

And this was this morning when I had to run out at 8:30am to make a few purchases…the town I live in doesn’t have much selection for shopping so K-Mart it was (which truth be told, is not my favorite store) and yup that is my hair over there by the “K” looking like a hot mess yet again!  Geez…I really should have used makeup more this week!!!!

#5. Visited Grandma

phone57 018

Ellie loves her some Grandma MAC (my mother-in-law) and since we moved we don’t get to see her as much :(  So when we do it is always fun for Ellie, and MAC. 

That’s all I got (twenty minutes of reading my nonsense later). I hope you enjoy your Friday and have an amazing weekend!!!

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