Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Beauty Wednesday

I am way too tired today…i did NOT want to leave my cozy bed this morning and almost cried while I was doing it.  The tears could have been because I have started to get up early (6am) to work out lately…that makes me cry…I don’t like getting up, and I for sure don’t love working out especially when I am this far out of shape.  Gotta start somewhere.  At any rate…getting up early and then sweating to death has left me pretty exhausted. 

How exhausted you might be wondering, so tired that this was a conversation that happened today in our house:

ME: “Sometimes I wish I would get sick so I could just lay in bed all day.”

HUSBAND: “That’s dramatic.”

ME: “Well, not like really serious sick, just like a fever or something.”

Any other moms or human beings in general ever feel like this…I obviously don’t really want to be sick, but i would love an excuse to have a reason to sleep and relax in my bed allllllll day!!!!

Blah, blah…let me get to the real reason I am writing…the title of the post “Beauty Wednesday”

Since Wednesday isn’t a really exciting day other then it means the work week is half way over for most people, I thought I would start a “Beauty Wednesday” posting as something fun to talk about half way thru the week. 

If you know me at all you know I LOVE makeup and beauty products…like obsessed! I could talk forever and ever and ever about makeup, nail polish, hair products…I JUST LOVE IT!!! So filling you in on my latest and greatest finds only seems natural.

As a newer mom that still loves makeup it has been a difficult challenge to throw something on my face…some days I don’t.  I have never loved feeling like I have a ton of product on my face, that gross cakey feeling…yuck! So I like easy products that are good for my skin, that work and that are easy to apply. 

it Cosmetics is where it’s at!  Yes, “it”is what it’s called. 

It is sold via QVC and at Ulta and I love pretty much every single product in this line.  For the sake of not listing every single thing, I will tell you about two specific products I usually use every single day.

The first is the CC Cream.

I love this product for so many reasons.  Without all the fancy CC names…this stuff is basically a foundation. It has SPF 50, which is so great, especially in the summer when I am out in the sun most days.  It is also a moisturizer, so if you want you don’t even need to apply a face lotion in the morning…you can just use this by itself.  It goes on really nice and covers amazingly!!! It does NOT feel like you have a ton of stuff on your face and the tube lasts for a while because the stuff spreads and covers so well.  I do recommend applying it with a brush.  I tried using my fingertips which worked ok, but when I started using a brush and buffing it on it looked so much better.  Try this stuff!!!

The next product I am loving right now is called Bye Bye Under eye:

As the name pretty much tells you…it is an under eye concealer and it is amazeballs!!!!  I like it because it is anti aging so you are actually getting those benefits, but it also hydrating so you don’t have the gross dry nasty looking under eyes.  It also covers those “I have a 7 month old and don’t sleep soundly” bags under your eyes…or the “I was up til 2:30 partying the night away” hangover bags under your eyes…whichever suits you. Either way this stuff is great and totally worth trying. 

That’s all I got for today…sort of, I mean I could continue listing a million other products that I love but I will save them for another boring Wednesday.  Have a great rest of your week!!!

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