Thursday, August 28, 2014

10 things I want…

Today I am linking up with Meagan from Because of Jackie 

She has posed the question:

What are ten things you want for yourself?

They must be ten things I want for only myself…not for my daughter or husband…just for me.  At first I thought this would be fairly easy but it turns out, not so much!  But here we go, I will give it a whirl.

TEN things I want for myself:

1// To learn how to start using my camera in manual mode rather then auto…start taking better more creative pictures.

2//I really want to write and illustrate a children’s book someday….and also an adult book, not sure what about…based off my blog/life?!?

3//Lose weight and get healthier…and feel better.

4//travel the country. return to NYC, visit California, Grand Canyon, wine country, Boston…there are so many great places in the United States I don’t even have a desire to travel over seas really.

5//Make, create and sell greeting cards and prints.  Have a successful small business doing that.

6//Paint my nails every week, and get a pedicure…might as well throw in that massage too. AWWW I love massages!!!

7//Get more organized and stop procrastinating.

8//Make money off doing what I love…blogging, writing and being creative.

9//Start a small business (I am all about business for some reason) teaching teens and women of all ages how to apply every day makeup.

10//Learn to appreciate and love yoga.


wowzers, that was not easy and I am sure there are more important ones that I couldn't really think of.  I just listed whatever popped in to my head. 

Try if for yourself…what ten things do you want for yourself???


  1. I really wish I could get more organized & be less of a procrastinator too. I also wish I could learn how to become a morning person, quit smoking and make myself drink more water!!

  2. Publishing a children's book sounds super cool!!! I'd love to publish something, anything, but not sure I have the creativity or stamina to keep up that whole process. Great meeting you through the linkup.