Friday, August 29, 2014

Oh Hey Friday…Football Edition


So…college football season starts!!!!!!  Since I am from Ohio and went to The Ohio State University I am obviously a giant fan of the Buckeyes!!! My most favorite time of the year is Saturdays in the fall…tailgating with friends/family and enjoying fall weather, football and a cold beer.  Last year I was pregnant…while it was worth it for little miss…I seriously missed drinking those cold beers so I am really looking forward to this year to make up for lost time!!! Even though I was prego, we still attempted to tailgate a couple of times:

all 162

Man…that was a hot one! Looking at this picture I am reminded of that heavenly chair my mother in law let us borrow…thank the good Lord for that foot rest!!!

I also attempted to go to a game last year…it was also the hottest day of the year (at least it felt like it) and I thought I was going to die or pass out or something, and then my sister and I came across this sign and we thought it was pretty ironic, so we took a picture…duh!

all 232

And…I have no idea why in the world I am wearing a sweater if it was so flipping hot…maybe to mask my giant booty or pit stains from sweating so much….who knows!

At any rate I am linking up again with for “Oh Hey Friday” to list 5 random things…and this week I decided to take you back to football seasons past just to prove how much I love me some tailgating, dancing and beer drinking!


1// Let’s go waaaay back to the college days first.  This actually may have been the year after graduation so around 2003. 


2// Next picture, for some reason we became obsessed with getting our picture taken in this giant cement circle thing that sits on Lane Ave. (which is the main street for game day) I have a picture of me with someone every single year.  This next one is from 2004 I would guess.


3// Next picture is from 2010 with my mom and sister, Molly.  (and cement circle)


4// Again from 2010 with my great friend Ashley (and cement circle…again!)


5// Last picture is from 2008 when Ohio University played Ohio State…my cousin, Kelly and I went to the game. Kelly attended college at OU, me OSU…so we supported our teams.


Just looking at these pictures makes me sooooo excited for tomorrow!!!! I will probably be painting my nails tonight scarlet or perhaps like this picture which I did a few years ago…


but probably not…who am I kidding, I barely have time to paint them one color with Ellie squirming around let alone something with stripes!!!


Have a great weekend and GO BUCKEYES!!!!

Thursday, August 28, 2014

10 things I want…

Today I am linking up with Meagan from Because of Jackie 

She has posed the question:

What are ten things you want for yourself?

They must be ten things I want for only myself…not for my daughter or husband…just for me.  At first I thought this would be fairly easy but it turns out, not so much!  But here we go, I will give it a whirl.

TEN things I want for myself:

1// To learn how to start using my camera in manual mode rather then auto…start taking better more creative pictures.

2//I really want to write and illustrate a children’s book someday….and also an adult book, not sure what about…based off my blog/life?!?

3//Lose weight and get healthier…and feel better.

4//travel the country. return to NYC, visit California, Grand Canyon, wine country, Boston…there are so many great places in the United States I don’t even have a desire to travel over seas really.

5//Make, create and sell greeting cards and prints.  Have a successful small business doing that.

6//Paint my nails every week, and get a pedicure…might as well throw in that massage too. AWWW I love massages!!!

7//Get more organized and stop procrastinating.

8//Make money off doing what I love…blogging, writing and being creative.

9//Start a small business (I am all about business for some reason) teaching teens and women of all ages how to apply every day makeup.

10//Learn to appreciate and love yoga.


wowzers, that was not easy and I am sure there are more important ones that I couldn't really think of.  I just listed whatever popped in to my head. 

Try if for yourself…what ten things do you want for yourself???

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Beauty Wednesday

I am way too tired today…i did NOT want to leave my cozy bed this morning and almost cried while I was doing it.  The tears could have been because I have started to get up early (6am) to work out lately…that makes me cry…I don’t like getting up, and I for sure don’t love working out especially when I am this far out of shape.  Gotta start somewhere.  At any rate…getting up early and then sweating to death has left me pretty exhausted. 

How exhausted you might be wondering, so tired that this was a conversation that happened today in our house:

ME: “Sometimes I wish I would get sick so I could just lay in bed all day.”

HUSBAND: “That’s dramatic.”

ME: “Well, not like really serious sick, just like a fever or something.”

Any other moms or human beings in general ever feel like this…I obviously don’t really want to be sick, but i would love an excuse to have a reason to sleep and relax in my bed allllllll day!!!!

Blah, blah…let me get to the real reason I am writing…the title of the post “Beauty Wednesday”

Since Wednesday isn’t a really exciting day other then it means the work week is half way over for most people, I thought I would start a “Beauty Wednesday” posting as something fun to talk about half way thru the week. 

If you know me at all you know I LOVE makeup and beauty products…like obsessed! I could talk forever and ever and ever about makeup, nail polish, hair products…I JUST LOVE IT!!! So filling you in on my latest and greatest finds only seems natural.

As a newer mom that still loves makeup it has been a difficult challenge to throw something on my face…some days I don’t.  I have never loved feeling like I have a ton of product on my face, that gross cakey feeling…yuck! So I like easy products that are good for my skin, that work and that are easy to apply. 

it Cosmetics is where it’s at!  Yes, “it”is what it’s called. 

It is sold via QVC and at Ulta and I love pretty much every single product in this line.  For the sake of not listing every single thing, I will tell you about two specific products I usually use every single day.

The first is the CC Cream.

I love this product for so many reasons.  Without all the fancy CC names…this stuff is basically a foundation. It has SPF 50, which is so great, especially in the summer when I am out in the sun most days.  It is also a moisturizer, so if you want you don’t even need to apply a face lotion in the morning…you can just use this by itself.  It goes on really nice and covers amazingly!!! It does NOT feel like you have a ton of stuff on your face and the tube lasts for a while because the stuff spreads and covers so well.  I do recommend applying it with a brush.  I tried using my fingertips which worked ok, but when I started using a brush and buffing it on it looked so much better.  Try this stuff!!!

The next product I am loving right now is called Bye Bye Under eye:

As the name pretty much tells you…it is an under eye concealer and it is amazeballs!!!!  I like it because it is anti aging so you are actually getting those benefits, but it also hydrating so you don’t have the gross dry nasty looking under eyes.  It also covers those “I have a 7 month old and don’t sleep soundly” bags under your eyes…or the “I was up til 2:30 partying the night away” hangover bags under your eyes…whichever suits you. Either way this stuff is great and totally worth trying. 

That’s all I got for today…sort of, I mean I could continue listing a million other products that I love but I will save them for another boring Wednesday.  Have a great rest of your week!!!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Dating again after a baby…

This was a picture we took of ourselves on the plane on our way to our honeymoon…so tired from our wedding, but so happy and in love.  Spending time as just a couple…enjoying each other with not a care in the world.

March-April 2013 178

When I look at the picture below compared to the picture above I see two completely different people. I know we don’t necessarily look different, but we are.  The picture below we are PARENTS! We still try to go on dates and spend time trying to enjoy each others company but we now have a million cares in the world.  We now have a little girl that relies on us.  A little person whose very livelihood depends on us….CRAZY!!!

phone 2 326

Dating before the baby was easy for us…I even made a date jar one year for Christmas.  When we were bored (which seemed like so often now that we are never  bored) we would reach into the jar and pull out one of the many wooden sticks I had written different cool dates on.  We would just go, do, live, date…no big deal. 

Before we had Ellie we used to talk about how important we felt it was to always continue to keep the romance alive in our relationship after baby.  We felt like it was such an important thing to never forget about “us”.  At some point this little girl is going to grow up, she is going to move out and live her own life.  We want to make sure that when that day comes we still like each other, we still enjoy each others company, we still love spending time together…we want to make sure we never bury our problems or issues in parenting.  We don’t want to wake up one day and realize we were pretty great parents but pretty shitty spouses.  At the end of the day that little girl will be looking to our relationships with each other as well as with everyone else to figure out her own relationships.

Now with all that said…

and remember we discussed all these wonderful expectations before she was born

…I now know that it is all easier said then done.  It is damn hard to make time for our marriage, not because we don’t want to.  We do…we still love each other, we still have so much fun together…but we are tired, we have other things to spend our money on then dates, and after the day is done nothing sounds better then to just relax. 

But we have an agreement…we never want to forget how important our marriage is…so we try. We try like heck to make time for dates…time to step outside our titles of parents and just be spouses.  It is hard, but we still feel like it is important.  Sometimes we have amazing fun times out together, and sometimes it is a bust like Sunday…i.e. mall bars!

No matter: we talk, we reminisce, we laugh and we try to relax and enjoy each other…enjoy being married…enjoy all the moments.  And then we go home and hug our little girl and smile at each other knowing we are happily married because we work at it…we do it for each other and we do it for her!

camera1 108

camera1 110

Monday, August 25, 2014

Weekend fun…kind of

Hello and happy Monday to everyone!  Our weekend was another one of those crazy, super amazing ones. SIKE (do people still say that anymore…they should) But in all seriousness our weekend wasn’t toooooo bad. Let me start with these beautiful flowers my very romantical (people should use that word too…even if i just made it up) husband brought home for me.  He can be so sweet some most of the time!

camera6434 002

Isn’t the color so pretty…it sort of looks like the pantone color of the year, whatever that was…purple-ish of some sort.

So my weekend started off nice. 

Saturday Joe worked so I tried to entertain myself and my daughter by doing what I do…take pictures:

camera6434 013

camera6434 024

camera6434 033

Kid loves being outside, so when it is nice and not too hot I try to get her out in either the backyard or for a walk. This picture was taken at the top of a giant (for me pushing her chubby butt up it) hill. The view is really pretty so I always stop and take it all in…and catch my breath, but if you walk by I am trying to pretend I am just taking it all in. And sorry for the crappy quality of the picture…it was with my phone and I was mildly winded.

phone574 033

Sunday…oh Sunday…we thought we would have a great day date going to see a movie.  Joe had one movie in mind: “Let’s Be Cops” and I had another one in mind “If I Stay” and neither of us really wanted to see the other ones movie.  So then I suggested “The Giver” and he suggested “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles”…we couldn’t decide so we did what any normal family does…let our daughter pick from a hat.  We wrote down all four with the rule that no matter what was chosen that was what we would see.  Ellie reached in:

phone574 026

And picked (TMNT…my husband wrote it):

phone574 022

So good old Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles it was…but then we dropped Ellie off at my parents and went to BW3’s and had a few beers and ate some food and discovered this beer called Curious Traveler Shandy…soooo good!

phone574 030

and then came to the conclusion, we didn’t really want to spend the $16 on a movie neither one of us really wanted to see that much.  Honestly, movies right now are not that awesome…or at least we don’t think so. Have you seen any lately that are worth the big bucks to see in the theatre?!?!?! 

At any rate…we proceeded to drive around for a few minutes aimlessly, then went to the mall and bought Ellie some clothes, had another drink at the mall restaurant bar and called it quits.  We really need to step up our dates!!!!

In all seriousness we really should have just went home and taken a nap cause we were both soooooo tired, but we tried.  This dating thing with a smaller baby is not easy. (but that is a post for tomorrow) Luckily we enjoy each other’s company and sitting at a bar chatting it up is fun to us so the date wasn’t a complete bust :)

We finished the weekend with bath time for Ellie, which she loves

phone574 014

and a selfie (naturally) before bedtime!

phone574 013

I joke, but really I love my weekends with my little family! We hope you had a great weekend too spending time with family, drinking a few cold ones, or just rebooting for the work week!!!

Catch you tomorrow…

Friday, August 22, 2014

Oh Hey Friday!

I am linking up again with two wonderful ladies for this Friday linkup party!

So I am trying to get better about posting most days during the week…but that has proven to be a little harder then it sounds, especially for a procrastinating, time management failing mommy to a 7 month old!!! At any rate here are five random things we did or liked during this past week, enjoy (at least try to)

#1. Itzy Ritzy Ritzy Sitzy High Chair and Shopping Cart Cover, which you can find Here 

Since miss Ellie can sit up by herself and since little lady is starting to weight more then this mama wants to carry around, we purchased this.  When she was little we just carried her in her car seat, but now she is WAAAAAYYY too heavy for that…then I used to just put her in her stroller and stuff crap in the little under storage, but that doesn’t really work when you need to legit grocery shop.  So…I bought this so she can now sit up like a big girl in the shopping carts or in high chairs at restaurants without getting all the nasty germs from them all over her. 

phone57 007

Plus, how cute is she in this!!! The pattern is super fun and they have tons of other patterns too if you are looking for one for a little man.  It is really fluffy and comfy for her, and there are little loops so you can attach toys to it and she can’t throw the suckers all over the place…they stay put.  It is a little pricey, but I think so worth it!!!

phone57 014

I die with how big she looks in this thing…and let’s just talk about how my husband decided to pose when I told him to get ready cause I was taking a picture and he would be in it!

#2. Artwork

So I love coloring and painting and pretty much all art…but I never make time to do any of it.  I have tried slowly to get back into this and so this week I drew a little picture:

phone56 022

#3. Ellie started to love food!!

Little girl hasn’t really shown too much interest in eating food until this week.  My mother in law bought us some of these little pouches and she loved this one:

phone57 020

They are organic and super easy!!!  Yes I have still been making some baby food too, but when she doesn’t seem to eat much it makes it hard to be motivated to make things that she might not eat anyways.  Our friends gave us some of these Mum-Mum cookies/crackers and she was confused but then started to like feeding herself:

camera 12 020

camera 12 018

camera 12 019

I  mean…look at that little chubby wrist, and yes I have to separate that chubbiness to clean!

She has also started eating yogurt and LOVES that stuff!! I am so happy that she has started to seem a little more interested in food, yay!

#4. Weird, awkward, makeupless selfies…

When I was going thru my pictures from this past week I had a few gems of selfies I took of myself after or during some fun events.  I should probably not share these but whatever…it is my life and they are kind of funny. So, for your viewing pleasure:

phone57 019

We bought T25 and this was after my first video…a hot mess!

phone57 027

And this was this morning when I had to run out at 8:30am to make a few purchases…the town I live in doesn’t have much selection for shopping so K-Mart it was (which truth be told, is not my favorite store) and yup that is my hair over there by the “K” looking like a hot mess yet again!  Geez…I really should have used makeup more this week!!!!

#5. Visited Grandma

phone57 018

Ellie loves her some Grandma MAC (my mother-in-law) and since we moved we don’t get to see her as much :(  So when we do it is always fun for Ellie, and MAC. 

That’s all I got (twenty minutes of reading my nonsense later). I hope you enjoy your Friday and have an amazing weekend!!!

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Because I can’t NOT write about this…

I had a few other posts I had planned on writing…

my adventures in baby food…

making time for your marriage with a new baby…

among other things, but I will get to those; I know you can’t wait, but you must.

I have sat here trying to find the right words…trying to figure out how to write this post, what I want to say, how I want to start. 

I have always found it to be terribly hard to write about random things if there is something of importance on my mind.  It is hard for me not to share things with you guys. (my first trimester of pregnancy I just wanted to write about it!!!)  My writing will come across as forced if I am pretending to care about something.  And so with that said I must just write what is in my heart…which hurts today.

Yesterday the world lost an amazing women.  The mother of a friend from high school passed away.  I know I cannot do her life justice with my words, but it is all I can think about, and so I feel compelled to write something.   The great thing about facebook is that you can keep up with people even if you aren’t living close by or see them…which is the case for me with this mother and her two wonderful children.  She used to always comment on my blog when I first began writing. Those comments always meant the world to me.  My thoughts and prayers are with her family at this time and she will be missed!!

When something like this happens I think it is pretty hard not to want to reach for your loved ones and pull them closer…I also think it is a natural thing to also look at your own life and realize how precious and short it really is. 

There is a book I have owned and read over and over and over again for some time now that I find myself wanting to read yet again.  The book it titled:

“the five secrets you must discover before you die” by John Izzo PhD and you can find it here

I am not sure where or exactly when I even bought this book, but I have fallen in love with it over and over again. 

The author decided to do research and write this book: “because of my lifelong search to discover what it means to live a full and meaningful life.

He goes on to interview many “wise elders” (they were all nominated by other people as wise elders who have lived a long life and have something important to teach us about living)  He asks these elders questions such as:

“What brought you the greatest happiness?”

“What are your regrets?”

“What mattered and what turned out not to matter?”

“What do you wish you had learned sooner?”

From these interviews he outlines five things that he finds all happy and wise people eventually discover and live.  He decided to use the term “before you die” in the title to remind us that there is urgency in discovering what really matters in life. 

I could go on and on forever about how this book is such a tool for me in life.  When I am ever feeling down or defeated, or if something happens in life, like my friends mother passing away younger then she should, I have grabbed for this book.  It reminds me to live my life in the moment…it reminds me that life is short and being happy is the most important thing in the world. 

So say a quick prayer (if you are the praying type) for this dear family, and go grab this book…and remember to slow down and soak up some love and happiness today!!!

Monday, August 18, 2014

Weekend Fun!

Friday night I had cousins night in Columbus.  My cousin Kelly has done an amazing job of trying to get everyone together once a month, usually just for dinner and drinks but this particular time was for a night out.  The whole family loaded up our car and went to the “big city” for the night. Joe, Ellie and Reggie stayed at his moms house for the while I spent the night with the cousins at Kelly’s. I didn’t get a single picture of Ellie with her Grandma MAC because I wasn’t there and Joe isn’t in love with picture taking the way I am sooooo…

here is my favorite picture of MAC with Ellie from when she was born. Look how tiny little Ellie was…and I love MAC’s hat:)

blah6 016

Ok anyways…cousins night was really fun. We had a hot dog bar with every topping you could imagine, including my veggie chili and veggie dogs (I was the only one eating those!) and even left over slaw that Joe made from the other night (so delicious even on hot dogs)

phone56 002

My sister Molly and I.

phone56 003

phone56 008

We hung out and had some adult beverages and then headed to the local bar: Bob’s Bar.  It was such a cool little place.  If you like beer you should check it out…they have a ton of different types of beer and it is a really cool low key atmosphere.  We ended up staying out really late and I must say staying up that late just isn’t as fun anymore when you have responsibilities other then yourself the next day, ha!

Saturday we had fun visiting with friends and we also visited my sister Molly, her boyfriend Nate and their two cats…Lennon and Bogey.  Bogey happens to be a brand new little kitten that is TINY!!!  Ellie loved touching his soft fur.

phone56 018

Ellie also tried prunes for the first time this weekend and LOVES them.  She is the weirdest eater. She loves veggies more then fruits and now loves prunes…gross!  I guess I am glad she doesn’t just love all the sweet stuff like her mama but I still find it strange. At any rate she is a holy mess when eating these dang prunes…they are so runny and she insists on trying to feed herself and smear it all over her face.

camera 12 001

Just looking at that picture makes me want to wipe her down again just in case. 

We ended up having a pretty busy weekend, which is unusual for us…typically we are homebodies and like to hang out, watch a movie and relax.  Ellie’s cold seems to be getting a little better but I am sort of convinced she may be teething so hopefully we will have a “first tooth” post here really soon!!!!

I hope you all had a fun weekend too.  Happy Monday!!!!

Friday, August 15, 2014

Oh Hey Friday!

Yay…it’s Friday!!! I am more excited about this particular Friday than most for two reasons:

#1. I have cousins night tonight…which is basically a girls night out with cousins/sister/cousin in law.  We are heading to Kelly’s house for drinks and a hot dog bar then to the local hole in the wall, then back to Kelly’s for a slumber party! We aren’t fancy…and I am totally ok with that. My husband is taking the dog and Ellie over to his moms house and having a little sleep over there, so they will be fine. Yay for a night out!!!

#2: I am doing my first link up!!!

Today I am linking up with several amazing ladies for this post.  Truth be told, this is my first ever link up because I never before wanted to take the time to try and figure out how to do it.  Now it seems sort of lazy and foolish because it really is not hard AT ALL! At any rate…you can click the picture below if you want to read other bloggers who have also linked up for their 5 random things post. So without further ado here are my 5 random things from the week:


Farmers market…we have started going and we love it. Zanesville has one every Wednesday night from 4-6 at the welcome center downtown, and then there is one at the fair grounds every Saturday morning too.  Recently we are trying to kick up our healthy eating habits and what better way then to eat fresh, local produce!

phone 6 023

phone 6 022


Speaking of eating healthier…this week we also tried to make better, more creative meals…and by we I mean my husband. He is the cook in the family, and an amazing one at that.  Check out the flipping amazing and delicious fish tacos with fresh made “slaw” he whipped up the other night.I can’t even tell you how good these were. We used tuna steak for the fish and the slaw was made with red cabbage, cilantro, green onions, regular “candy” onion, jalapeño, purple bell pepper (who knew they grow these…so pretty), carrots, garlic, salt/pepper, dill, celery seed, apple cider vinegar, olive oil and lime:  TRY IT!!!

phone 6 024


We have really been trying to get out and enjoy this weather.  I LOVE cooler summer nights and we have been blessed with several beautiful ones here lately. Last night we took Ellie out in the back yard and she discovered grass for the first time. It was so funny…she was not afraid of it at all, in fact she was determined to try and roll around in it as much as she could. Love this little girl.  And of course Joe played with Reggie who has found this giant log in the back yard and actually carries the stupid thing around like a toy…so weird!

camera 11 070

camera 11 083

camera 11 100

camera 11 101

camera 11 107


There is a local trail right around the corner from our house and it is perfect for taking walks with Ellie in her stroller and Reggie can roam around off leash (unless we see a passerby…then we put the leash back on) The trail is about a mile with a giant hill at the end that I just about die on every time pushing little miss up it…I am blaming her right now because there is simply no way I could be that out of shape, HA! Anyways with the weather so nice we have tried to make a better effort to get outside and do things!

phone 9 025

phone 9 088


So this didn’t really happen this past week, but last Friday so it still counts I think. Ellie and I went to play with my cousin's daughters.  The youngest was born one day after Ellie so it is fun to see how big they are getting and to watch them play and interact.  The oldest is soooo cute and kept calling them her “babies.”  She had to hold them and squeeze them and really loved on them. Ellie was fascinated by her; I think it was so new for her to see such a little person walking around and talking to her, HA! We had fun and I can’t wait for them all to grow up just a little bit so they can actually play more together.  (My other cousin has a daughter one month younger then them too, so we are in for trouble in about 13 years!!!)

phone 9 047

phone 9 056

phone 9 064

That’s all I got…have a great weekend!