Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Try these if you like photos…

Hello, hello, hello!  Happy Tuesday. I wanted to fill you guys in on a couple of things I am seriously liking right now. 

The first is an AMAZING photo editing app. 

Before Ellie was born we purchased a really nice big camera, which I love. It takes beautiful pictures and I am so happy we got it…but…I don't always carry it around with me because it is so big.  I do, however, always have my phone with me which happens to have a pretty great camera on it as well.  I have the I-phone 5 in case you are wondering…maybe you weren’t, but just in case :)

At any rate I end up taking an annoying amount of pictures with my phone so I started doing some research to see if there was an app out there to easily edit the pictures and make them look like I used my nice big camera. I found the app: PicTapGo and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!

It is so easy to use and makes pictures look amazing.  It does cost $1.99 but is soooooo worth every penny.  See below: the pics on the left are before I edited and the pics on the right have been edited using PicTapGo.  I am pretty new to using this so I can only imagine how amazing I can make my pictures look after a little practice.  See for yourself:



Anther picture related obsession I have found is called Groovebook

This concept is pretty convenient and handy…and I am kind of mad I didn’t come up with this!  Groovebook is also an app, but it is free.  You basically have the opportunity to upload 100 pictures a month from your phone right in the app and groovebook mails you a little book of all of your pictures.  The book is cute in itself, but each picture is made to easily tear out in case you want to give them away or frame them.  They each also have the date and time you took the picture which is kind of cool.  You get all of this for only $2.99 a month!!! The quality of pictures isn’t professional or anything but for that amount of money the pictures are pretty good.  I love this because, as I mentioned above, I take an absurd amount of pictures on my phone and most of the time I only download them to my computer and I never print them off.  This is a cool and super easy way to have them in your hand every month.


Give these a try and let me know what you think…or if you have any suggestions of picture related apps I need to add to my obsession list let me know. 

**These reviews and opinions are just that, opinions…I was not paid by either of these companies (unfortunately, ha) so these are unbiased reviews of amazing products I use and love.**

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