Monday, December 2, 2013

Numb fingers=lack of blogging

Hello, hello hello…I am still alive and well (sort of) and pregnant.

I wanted to write a quick blog post  to briefly fill you in on the pregnancy and why I haven’t been blogging…and to put up some pictures.

I am 33 weeks and I would say within the last two weeks my body has really been struggling…I have some pretty crazy symptoms that I never knew happened sometimes during pregnancy but apparently they are normal. 

The biggest/worst, and reason I cannot blog very often, is carpel tunnel.  My fingers are numb 24 hours a day and the more I use them the worse they get…so typing is really difficult.  I guess this goes away after baby comes…fingers crossed (not that I could do that right now, ha) I wear wrist braces to bed which sort of helps keep the pain from stretching up my arm…but sometimes that happens anyway. 

At any rate, I could go on and on but I am really trying to stay positive! With that being said, I have felt baby girl kick and move around so much more which has been amazing.  We can’t wait to meet her.

And here are some pictures from over the last couple of months…hopefully I can try and blog more often but if not I will at least try and put up pictures every now and then. I hope everyone had an amazing Thanksgiving!!


I have been so bad about taking a picture every week so this is the last one I have…

245 100

My sister took some maternityish pictures for us, so here are a few:

22 047

22 052

22 057

My mom came and helped paint some of baby girls furniture.  I saw this idea on pinterest and I love how it turned out.  We painted old furniture, placed lace over the drawers, spray painted over the lace…

22 018

22 021

Peeled the lace off before it dried…

 22 026

and it turned out so pretty.  We have pink glass knobs for it as well. 

22 027


I will hopefully post some nursery pics when I get those taken and the room is all finished. 

That is all I can type out for now…hope everyone has a great week!