Saturday, October 12, 2013

Saturday Ramblings

First…I want to thank everyone for the kind and encouraging comments concerning my last post about pregnancy…and how I don’t love it.  Reading that other people feel the same way as me makes me feel SO. MUCH. BETTER. So thank you!!!

And with that being said I have a few pregnancy updates for you.

I am officially 25 weeks…and don’t mind (or be jealous) that my phone case matches my outfit:

25 weeks 2

I am officially starting to swell…and wear compression stockings. They seem to help for the most part, but those suckers are hotter than the hinges of hell!!!

no 003

Last thing dealing with pregnancy…I passed my glucose test!!! For those that haven’t been pregnant or had to take this test, you basically drink this super sugary drink that tastes like flat orange pop and an hour later the nurse tests your blood to see if you were able to handle that sugar. If you fail, you might have gestational diabetes ( I think they make you re-take it again to make sure before they diagnose you).  Anyway, I passed…thank the good lord cause I love sugar, and if my body wasn’t able to handle it then this pregnancy really would get worse!!! I am so happy sugar is on my side…watch out candy corn, I am coming for you:)

no 007

In other ramblings on this lovely Saturday…my husband gave me my birthday gifts early and because they are great I need to share them. He ordered them online and when they came early he couldn’t stand waiting to give them to me for another week, which I think is cute. At any rate here they are:

The first is a subscription to US Weekly!!!! I have been hinting to my family for what seems like the last 10 years that this would be a perfect gift…and easy. No one ever got it for me. I LOVE this stupid magazine and always want to buy it every single week, but control myself because it is so darn expensive without a subscription. Well now I will be so up to date on Hollywood gossip…and I CAN’T WAIT!!

The second gift is a super cool coffee table for our living room. The one we used to use Joe has had for a long time and it was old and on the verge of falling apart. For some reason I have a tendency to sit down at our couch and always pull the table closer to the couch so I can reach my food/drink/books/computer…I just need the table to be closer so I don’t have to reach. I especially do this now that I am prego cause it is so uncomfortable to bend over to reach anything. This annoys the crap out of Joe because I always forget to move the table back. I had mentioned getting a TV tray so that I could just use that, but he went one step further:

The beautiful coffee table ( I love the color too)

no 013

And this, my friends is why my husband is amazing and this gift is so flipping cool:

no 014

Yup…if pulls up toward to the couch so I don’t have to pull the entire table to me. It’s like a coffee table and a TV tray all in one. Who even knew they made this!?!?!

I am in love with this gift.

Have a good rest of your weekend!!!

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  1. Love your coffee table; we have one too. Totally awesome.