Thursday, July 11, 2013

Other events in July

Besides being pregnant I have been up to many random things this month so far.  I thought I would fill you in on the fun things going on up in the French household.

Taco night:

the best (and easiest) dinner night EVER! We recently had a taco night and I loved every second of it…as you will see by my super dorky picture below…

July 2013 012

Yeah we actually do have this festive hat just sitting around our house…you never know when you might have a taco night?!?!

Needless to say since I could barely even get the husband to take this picture, he would NOT let me take one of him in the hat.

His loss!

At any rate, below are several pictures of the deliciousness of that night.  Since I don’t eat meat we had to cook up two different pans of goodies:

Top: Joe’s turkey burger and refried beans mixture.

Bottom: My Quorn brand meatless crumbles with taco seasoning…actually really good!

July 2013 009

The shells…heated to perfection in the oven, and flat bottomed…guys these are waaaaayyy better then the old ones with the bottom that came to a point and left no room for the stuffing's. Try them!!

July 2013 010

The rest of the good stuff:

Shredded lettuce

Mexican style cheese

Taco sauce


My salsa/ranch dip (sour cream, dry ranch dip packet, and salsa) SO GOOD

tortilla chips

July 2013 011

And finally the finished products:


July 2013 013

Joe’s… (notice the flat bottom, so smart!)

July 2013 014

I love taco night, and writing this post makes me want to have another one really soon!

Besides taco night we also celebrated the 4th of July.

Joe and several of his friends have sort of made it a tradition to watch the hot dog eating contest…so, naturally, I got the idea that we should have people over to watch this and have a hot dog bar set up too.  Joe liked the idea and so that is what we did.  Although we ate our hotdogs before watching the contest…thankfully because that contest is really disturbing to watch and pretty gross! 69 hotdogs and buns eaten in 10 minutes, blah!!!!!

July 2013 026

Pretty good spread:

Brett and Alison brought over a really delicious southwestern pasta salad

Doritos (duh, they are so good)

diced onions

diced pickles

shredded cheese

mustard, ketchup


coney sauce was over on the stove…regular and vegetarian

Nathan’s hotdogs, and the two lone veggie dogs for me.

I also made a very festive dessert:

July 2013 027

Unfortunately I didn’t remember to take a picture until after I started serving it…but you get the point.

Somehow this post has been all about food…guess I must be hungry!

I will leave you with some lovely photos that came from me being bored on the 4th after everyone left…and Joe was taking a nap so I had no one to talk to.  Obviously at times like that you take pictures of yourself…and your cats…obviously.

Is it wrong I really want to paint her nails?

July 2013 007

Oh hey…

July 2013 022

July 2013 033

And then there is me and my obnoxious 4th of July nails and makeup…

July 2013 028


July 2013 031

So there you have it…the things i have been doing this month other than being pregnant.

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