Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Joe to the Rescue

As most of you know I work for a school…a preschool.  Half of our students are on the autism spectrum and the other half of our students are typical developing students.  I tell you this because I think it is important to help paint the picture of what I asked my husband to walk in to.  Not only is entertaining a bunch of 3-5 year olds sometimes difficult, but when you throw in kids with autism, it makes it that much more challenging.

Our school was in the full swing of summer camp and we had a cancellation from the Fire Department last minute due to the equipment they use for presentations not working.  So…I called Joe to see if he would be willing to come to the school and show the kids his equipment, gear, etc. He had done this one other time for us last year so he did know what he was getting in to. 

Of course, he said yes…because he is awesome…and the kids loved him!!! He did such an amazing job talking on their level, keeping their interest, being goofy to make them laugh. It seriously melted my heart and made me that much more happy to be having a baby with this guy:)

As promised I took pictures so you could see how much fun the kids and Joe had:

z 001

z 002

z 003

z 006

There you have them…Firefighter Joe did not disappoint!!!

And another thing that happened last week was that I reached 13 weeks in my pregnancy…yay!  Here is a picture:

z 017

This baby is GROWING!!! By the end of the day my belly seems so much bigger then when I wake up in the morning, so strange!  I have been feeling pretty good overall, for sure not as tired. I can feel my muscles and ligaments stretching in my stomach and hips which is kind of weird and leaves me feeling sort of sore.

The only thing I seem to crave on a consistent basis over this entire pregnancy so far has been pancakes.  For some reason they always sound good (honestly they always did before I got pregnant too) but I guess I talk about them more often now, and usually have them once a weekend :)

We go to the doctor tomorrow for a checkup, and then again at 18 weeks for our big ultrasound where we can find out the gender…but we have heard of a place close by where you can go at 14 weeks and they will do a quick gender reveal ultrasound.  The downside to doing that is that insurance won’t cover the extra ultrasound so you pay out of pocket, but it isn’t really too bad…around $70…and they have a cute room where family can all come and sit on couches and find out with you.

We are currently leaning towards that option rather than waiting for the 18 week ultrasound…but we aren’t for sure and haven’t made the appointment yet.

We have decided to find out the gender though.  Joe would be totally fine not knowing and being surprised, and I thought I could possibly do that at first.  I totally understand why people choose that route and can imagine it is pretty special to find out at the birth, but for me….my personality, I really need to know.

I am a planner. I sort of feel like there is already so many unknowns with a new baby that by eliminating one of those it helps calm my anxieties and nerves a little.  Maybe I am crazy…hell I don’t know, but I am super excited to find out if the baby growing inside me is a boy or girl!!! Neither of us feels certain either way…and will be happy no matter what we have (everyone always says that!) So stay tuned and I will let you know when/if we make that earlier appointment…we could know the gender as early as next week…EEEEEKKK!!!!

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