Wednesday, July 17, 2013

I have a new bathroom!

Last week I came home from work, sat in my car while the garage door opened and in the garage sat…

our toilet and sink from the downstairs bathroom!

I was so confused until I went inside and found that my amazing husband had taken it upon himself to retile the bathroom floor.  I had no idea (and I think he didn’t either) that he had any idea how to even do that.  Apparently he looked it up on the internet and then went to the store and bought supplies. 

For some reason neither of us took before pictures but let me know tell you the place was a hot mess! The floor was a very old, poorly laid, stained laminate something or other…pretty bad!  The walls were a plain but dingy white. It really just needed a facelift…and Joe figured if he was going to do anything to it he was going to do it right.  I love him!

So below is the floor just after he did the first step in tiling, notice how the previous owners just painted around the toilet and sink, looks great (sarcasm):

n 005

And the final product:

n 009

I had already picked out a light grey paint so Joe just matched up the tile…I think it turned out so beautiful and I was so proud of him for just figuring it all out.

He was pretty proud of himself too, so I obviously made him get his picture taken with his work, ha! (good thing he loves me)

n 008

Doesn’t he looked so thrilled!!!

Total change of topic…

We went to a movie the other day and were the ONLY PEOPLE IN THE THEATRE.  I loved it, and made my poor husband take my picture so you guys could see how funny it looked with me just sitting there by myself.

m 001

I realize now after looking at this picture that I am a complete dork, but it seemed like a good idea at the time…and I was sad when just as Joe snapped this picture two other people walked in.  They were probably wondering what was so special that I was getting my picture taken, but oh well.

Next random thing I need to share…this bar:

m 002

Being pregnant, I have discovered I need to eat like a million small meals a day to keep my blood sugar level steady (no one wants a passed out pregnant lady) and to keep from being nauseas. I love most of the Kind bars but discovered this one the other day and had to share it with you guys. It is amazing!!!!!

I think it might be the sea salt that makes it, but whatever it is you need to go straight out and try this thing…you won’t regret it!!!

And last thing I need to share…the message board at the school I work at currently reads:

m 003

Stay tuned guys…Fireman Joe (aka, my husband) is making an appearance for the little kiddos tomorrow.  Pictures to follow :)


  1. Love it! You have yourself a great man!

  2. how nice. my 2 year loves fireman and fire trucks :O)Cant wait to see the pictures