Sunday, July 7, 2013

First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes…


We are so excited to announce we are expecting a new addition to the French family this January!  We don’t waste any time around here :)

I have to say on a personal level it feels so great to finally be putting this on the blog.  I have found it nearly impossible to blog about anything lately because all I really want to type is:


Everything else I try to write seems to be so generic and lacks any heart at all.  I am excited for you guys to finally be able to join me on this journey…so look forward to plenty of bump updates (there is already a bump, what!?!) and much more, cause you know I am going to tell the truth!

But let me begin this baby story with the day we found out we were going to have a baby.

As most of you know we got married April 26th (yes this past April…like not long ago) and we both knew we didn’t want to wait to have children.  We are both 32, so time isn’t exactly on our side especially if we want more than one.  Everything we read seemed to say it usually takes about 3-6 months of trying before most people get pregnant so we thought might as well start right away…i.e. honeymoon. 

Needless to say, it did not take us 3…or 6…or really even 1 month to get pregnant…it happened right away!!!

A couple of weeks after coming home from the honeymoon I was just feeling a little off…falling asleep randomly early evening (that NEVER happens) my boobs were hurting (again that NEVER happens) so one evening after work I went to the store and bought some pregnancy tests…just to make sure.  Joe and I went over to Sharon Woods for a 3 mile jog/walk and when we came home I ran upstairs to use the restroom/take the test.  A few short minutes later:

May 2013 054

I immediately ran downstairs to tell Joe, “Um, I think I’m pregnant…these things don’t usually show false positives right?!?!”  For what seemed like forever he just stared at me in shock, I stared right back at him in shock…we both stood there trying to let this settle, and when it finally did I started crying and he grabbed a hold of me and we just hugged it out.  (then he went back to the store to buy more tests so we could make sure, again!)

I don’t know what it is like for other folks when they find out they are going to have a baby…but for me, for us, it was like every emotion smacking me head on all at the same time.  Denial…I for sure took this test wrong.  Shock…is this actually real, am I actually pregnant right now??? Then in the end…sheer happiness.

Going to the doctor for the first time and seeing the ultrasound was like nothing either of us has ever experienced before. Getting to see your tiny little baby squirm around on the screen and realizing it is actually real was the most exciting and happy moment of both of our lives. 

For as long as I can remember I have wanted a family…and I know the same is true for Joe.  We both worked towards that dream, towards that goal…working hard to find each other, then working hard to set the foundations of a great relationship that lead to marriage…and now we find ourselves expecting a child and the dream we always wanted is finally coming true.  It is truly the most precious thing and we feel extremely blessed every single day.

Now that my news is finally out there I am so excited to start blogging about my pregnancy adventures…and stretching skin.  Stay tuned for some bump pictures and crazy pregnancy brain stories!

I am so excited for this journey:)


  1. Congratulations Abby...

    Welcome to the most exciting, terrifying, and yet insanely rewarding time in your life. Any child would be blessed to have you as a mother. Prayers for a happy and healthy pregnancy. :) And from one honeymoon baby maker to another, our mothers were NOT kidding us... it really does only take one time. LOL!

    Kim Schaffer

  2. Congrats!!!! :) So excited for you! What's your official due date?

  3. Congrats ......... SO HAPPY FOR YOU

  4. Thanks so much guys...we are so, so excited. My official due date is January 24, 2014!!