Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Bump Update

So I will try and update you on the development of the bump…but I also plan on blogging about other things that are going on in my life.  So if bump pictures aren’t for you, rest assured there will still be pictures of my cats, food, my husband not liking to have his picture taken, and many other things in my life :)

But this post is for the bump lovers…that could honestly mean so many things…but for this post it means my belly/baby.

Before you catch a glimpse of these photos I have to say I am not super comfortable posting them.  I have always looked at other blogs and love seeing the progress of their growing bumps.  For some reason, I have had a hard time with my changing body.  I feel guilty even saying that because I feel so incredibly blessed to have this baby growing inside of me…but I have to be honest, and if I am being honest…I am not loving the fact that my belly is growing, my boobs are growing (like can they really get bigger, the answer is YES) i am still tired ALOT, still have random nausea…amongst other weird and uncomfortable things. 

I have a feeling that once I get a little bigger I might embrace it more…it is just this in between stage where I feel super bloated/chubby…it is 95 degrees out all of the time which makes it really hard to dress in layers, hence really hard to hide the growing bump. 

BUT…with all of that being said, there is something sort of magical about looking at these pictures and actually seeing the baby/belly gradually growing.  Without sounding too cheesy, there really is something so miraculous about growing a human being inside of you…soooooo crazy!

Ok, enough rambling…I give you the bump pictures:

5 weeks 3

May 2013 107

May 2013 119

June 2013 006

July 2013 005

July 2013 020

n 004

n 010

So there you have them…some are a little blurry, not sure why.  I started off wearing the same outfit but that slowly went out the window when I couldn’t find that shirt one day but still needed to take the picture.  Either way, you get the drift.

Enjoy (if that is what I should be saying…or be happy for your waistline…or pray for my stretching skin…or smile at how cute I am pregnant, just lie to me)

And for those people that don’t love looking at bump pictures here is a picture of me with my sweet grandma and grandpa.  This past Sunday we helped them celebrate 62 years of marriage…amazing!!!! Love them and the incredible family they created that I am so thankful to be apart of.

n 018

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  1. Abby, you look beautiful! Love the pictures! It's a lot easier to accept a changing body when you remind yourself you are growing a human being. Can't wait to see more!