Monday, June 17, 2013

Weekend Recap!

Well it’s Monday…my favorite day of the week,

SIKE! (people should start using that word again)

Since it is Monday I decided I would give you a little recap of our weekend fun outings.

Saturday we went over to Joe’s dads house to celebrate Father’s Day with him.  For some reason I didn’t take a single picture there so I have no proof for the blog.  It was nice to spend time with that side of the family since we don’t get over there very often. 

Saturday night we had made plans with some friends but they kind of fell thru so we decided to hit up some places we had really wanted to see but never make time to do.  First thing was first…


This place (the old one) used to be my all time favorite bar downtown…or anywhere for that matter.  My cousin, Kelly, and I lived there.  It just had such a low key vibe with cheap beer and fun people.  When it closed its doors unexpectedly last year we were devastated.  I realize that is a very strong emotion to use while discussing a bar…but it is the truth.  We LOVED that place!

I have been keeping my eye on the place since the day it closed, waiting and watching (sort of stalking) to see if there was any progress. Finally, after what felt like forever it is back open. It is under new ownership, it is totally remodeled and upgraded and you can now order food from the neighboring Barley’s. 

At first I was skeptical because I was afraid any remodeling would take away from the hole in the wall charm it used to have…and I was sort of right BUT

I still love it.  I love it because the layout is sort of the same, they kept the same name (added “tavern & patio…but really who cares") and no matter what…the memories of that place just came flooding back the moment I started walking up the steep staircase.  I love that place and I don’t think that will ever change!!!

June 2013 007

After having a drink at Novak’s we went and met some friends over at Tip Top Tavern…which is also a very cool little dive bar type place.  I have been there before  a number of times and have loved it every time.  The food is delicious and the vibe itself is really cool.  I have to say that Gay Street downtown is a pretty happening place on a Saturday night.  If you haven’t checked it out recently you should make the trip…so many cool little places to eat and a lot going on. 

June 2013 009

Sunday, we made the trip to my parent’s house for a Father’s Day cookout.  The picture is kind of blurry but you get the point…my sister, my dad and myself (my brother couldn’t make the trip and was missed for sure!) 

June 2013 014

In honor of Father’s Day Joe did all of the grilling…my dad doesn’t particularly love doing it…so it was nice to have someone else take over for him.

I love the picture below because it looks like my dad is just chillin while Joe is doing all the work..haha. (which was the point)

June 2013 015

And as always…Joe got annoyed at my massive amount of pictures I was taking. 

Take 1: He is just grilling

June 2013 010

Take 2: He is starting to get annoyed and is asking me why I care about getting a shot of him grilling…I explain, duh…cause it’s a good memory. He doesn’t buy into this…

June 2013 011

Take 3: He finally realizes that if he doesn’t just give me some sort of good shot I  am going to keep taking pictures…love this guy!

June 2013 012

And last but not least, I haven’t posted any pictures of my cats lately and I am sure you are all so sad by this. 

So here is a precious picture of Nala Jean…complete with little hearts from an app on my phone.  You know you guys wish she lived with you.

May 2013 115

Hope everyone has a great week!!!!

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