Saturday, June 8, 2013

First Look & Favorite Pics

Before the wedding we had discussed many times what we wanted the day to look like…how it would flow, what would make us the most comfortable.  After reading many blogs and talking to several friends we decided that doing a first look would be perfect for us.

For those in the dark about this sort of new thing…a first look is when the bride and groom take a private moment (usually with their photographer) prior to the wedding ceremony to see each other for the first time.   

We choose to have a first look for several reasons:

1. We felt that we wanted to be able to really be in the moment the first time we saw each other and didn’t feel like being in front of all of our guests would allow us that.  Neither one of us love being the center of attention so we knew the ceremony would already be a little uncomfortable for us. (which it actually ended up not being at all)

2. We really wanted to make sure we took every moment we could to cherish, remember and soak up every single second of our special day.  By taking a moment prior to everything getting started we hoped it would help calm us and remind us of what the day was really all about…our love for each other. (I know, I know…vomit away, but I only tell it like I feel it)

So…here are several pictures from that special moment.  Our photographer had us stand like this to capture some pictures before we actually even got to really see each other. I appreciate the photos now, but at the time I was just so excited to see him I could hardly wait thru the pictures:)



The big moment…not sure why I have my arm behind my back like I am hiding something…either way I love the look on his face, exactly how I had hoped he would look at me at this moment.


Truth be told, we both got a little emotional but somehow held it together.  It was just such a surreal moment…looking at this man that I love more than I ever thought possible and having so many moments flash thru my mind.  All of the moments I cried, I prayed, I hoped…all of the moments that lead me to this person.  The moments for us: our first date, the moment I knew I could spend the rest of my life with him, the trips, the smiles, the jokes…every single moment that lead me to this point flashed thru my mind and all I could do was hug and hold him. 


I just felt so blessed to have found this kind of love…I was so excited to marry him and if felt like everything in the world was perfect.


In the end we were both glad we did the first look.  It was a very special moment that did allow us to soak up the beauty of seeing each for the first time on our wedding day in a private setting.  We also loved that the pressure was sort of off…from that point on we were able to get almost all of our pictures out of the way.  Once the ceremony was over we took a few extra pics that lasted about 5 minutes and then we could just focus on celebrating!  I loved it and would recommend it to anyone trying to decide if it is for them.  I will say, I understand if you want to go the traditional route and wait until you are walking down the aisle to see each other…there is something magical about staying with tradition.  This just really worked for us and I was so glad we decided to do it.


So Joe doesn’t really love taking pictures…as you can see from the picture below.  We have several pictures similar to this; he got bored of smiling and doing the right thing so he would do something silly.  I personally love the pictures that he does this in because that is totally his personality…one of the many reasons I love him. 


Next are a couple of my favorites of us.




I have to comment on the next three pictures because I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them!!! This was one of those times that Joe wasn’t quite sure what the heck he was supposed to be posing like so he just did something stupid.  I love the transition from the first to the third photo. 

Joe: screw it…


Joe: oh that’s what I am supposed to be doing, ok I will just watch you do it.


Joe: yeah, no…

And I just love this last photo because it really captures our relationship.  We love to laugh, we find it to be something of great importance in  any relationship, and feel lucky to be able to make each other laugh on a daily basis.  This picture is one of my favorites because we are doing what we normally do. I must have said something ridiculous that made me laugh too hard at myself (I crack myself up) and then Joe always laughs not usually at the joke, but more so at how hard I am laughing …he finds it ridiculous and hilarious how much I can make myself laugh at….myself.  Does that even make sense. 


Looking back at this pictures makes me love our special day even more…we had such an amazing time with each other, such amazing support from our friends and family.  Our photographer was awesome so check her out on facebook jana pryor photography And I cannot say enough about the super women Susan Zakany.  She will be left for another post very soon…she did our cake, decorations, flowers, food…she did everything and I can’t even begin to express how happy she made me!  So more on that in a later post.  

Stay tuned:)

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  1. You guys are adorable! We did a first look too, for many of the same reasons you did :) These pics are my fave! And your dress is beautiful, the back is really similar to my wedding dress!!