Monday, June 17, 2013

Weekend Recap!

Well it’s Monday…my favorite day of the week,

SIKE! (people should start using that word again)

Since it is Monday I decided I would give you a little recap of our weekend fun outings.

Saturday we went over to Joe’s dads house to celebrate Father’s Day with him.  For some reason I didn’t take a single picture there so I have no proof for the blog.  It was nice to spend time with that side of the family since we don’t get over there very often. 

Saturday night we had made plans with some friends but they kind of fell thru so we decided to hit up some places we had really wanted to see but never make time to do.  First thing was first…


This place (the old one) used to be my all time favorite bar downtown…or anywhere for that matter.  My cousin, Kelly, and I lived there.  It just had such a low key vibe with cheap beer and fun people.  When it closed its doors unexpectedly last year we were devastated.  I realize that is a very strong emotion to use while discussing a bar…but it is the truth.  We LOVED that place!

I have been keeping my eye on the place since the day it closed, waiting and watching (sort of stalking) to see if there was any progress. Finally, after what felt like forever it is back open. It is under new ownership, it is totally remodeled and upgraded and you can now order food from the neighboring Barley’s. 

At first I was skeptical because I was afraid any remodeling would take away from the hole in the wall charm it used to have…and I was sort of right BUT

I still love it.  I love it because the layout is sort of the same, they kept the same name (added “tavern & patio…but really who cares") and no matter what…the memories of that place just came flooding back the moment I started walking up the steep staircase.  I love that place and I don’t think that will ever change!!!

June 2013 007

After having a drink at Novak’s we went and met some friends over at Tip Top Tavern…which is also a very cool little dive bar type place.  I have been there before  a number of times and have loved it every time.  The food is delicious and the vibe itself is really cool.  I have to say that Gay Street downtown is a pretty happening place on a Saturday night.  If you haven’t checked it out recently you should make the trip…so many cool little places to eat and a lot going on. 

June 2013 009

Sunday, we made the trip to my parent’s house for a Father’s Day cookout.  The picture is kind of blurry but you get the point…my sister, my dad and myself (my brother couldn’t make the trip and was missed for sure!) 

June 2013 014

In honor of Father’s Day Joe did all of the grilling…my dad doesn’t particularly love doing it…so it was nice to have someone else take over for him.

I love the picture below because it looks like my dad is just chillin while Joe is doing all the work..haha. (which was the point)

June 2013 015

And as always…Joe got annoyed at my massive amount of pictures I was taking. 

Take 1: He is just grilling

June 2013 010

Take 2: He is starting to get annoyed and is asking me why I care about getting a shot of him grilling…I explain, duh…cause it’s a good memory. He doesn’t buy into this…

June 2013 011

Take 3: He finally realizes that if he doesn’t just give me some sort of good shot I  am going to keep taking pictures…love this guy!

June 2013 012

And last but not least, I haven’t posted any pictures of my cats lately and I am sure you are all so sad by this. 

So here is a precious picture of Nala Jean…complete with little hearts from an app on my phone.  You know you guys wish she lived with you.

May 2013 115

Hope everyone has a great week!!!!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Random things…


this post is not going to be meaningful AT ALL, unless you enjoy random things I think are important enough to blog about.

In which case, read on my friends cause this is random:

Random Thing #1: I got about 3 1/2 inches cut off my hair.  If you can get past the ridiculous “selfy” (as I think they call them) you will see my hair is shorter.  I do this about every other year…grow my hair out super long then get really sick of the time it takes to blow dry it and then cut it off. 

I have learned my lesson of chopping too much off in the past, so I opted for the safer version and only got some cut this time…maybe I will grow a pair one day and go shorter, but probably not!

Either way…getting all of the dead ends cut from my head felt really good and my hair just looks and feels so much healthier!

May 2013 120

Random Thing #2:  I can’t say I am proud of this, but I also can’t imagine I am the only one that does this.  Today was


like, a day i barely made it thru work without losing my sanity…we all have them and there really is no rhyme or reason to them, at least for me.  On days like these I usually do what any women/man/smart person does…

I indulge in the wonderful, the amazing, the delicious

Orange Leaf!!!

If you have never had this stuff, you must drop what you are doing and go there RIGHT NOW…or at least tomorrow.  It is frozen yogurt at its finest.  There are many amazing flavors you can serve yourself…and you can have a little of every single flavor if you want.  Then there is a magical toppings bar where you fill your cup to the brim with anything that tickles your fancy for that day. 

My go to is wedding cake flavor with strawberries, raspberries, chopped nuts and marshmallow topping.  Ok, so that is my “healthy” go to.  But on days like today I do what needs to be done and skip the fruit and add reese cups, reese’s pieces, peanut butter sauce, marshmallow…and maybe several other things if I feel like it that day, or need it that day.

Alright, enough about Orange Leaf…I just wrote way too much about my love affair, go try it, you will feel the same.

May 2013 124

Random Thing #3: I just started reading this book “Roses” by Leila Meacham (pictured below…and yes I am also watching an Awkward marathon) and I CAN’T PUT THE THING DOWN!!!  It is so good. I am only on page 64 of 609 (it’s also really long) but so far I am totally hooked.  If you are looking for a good summer read go buy this book. I got it the other day at Barnes and Noble in the bargain book area for $5.89!!!

May 2013 125

Ok, so that is all for today although I am pretty sure I could probably come up with many more random things to talk to you about…but I will spare you for now.  To recap: go get Orange Leaf and then sit down and read the book “Roses” and also get your hair cut if you haven’t in awhile, you will feel like a new person. 

Saturday, June 8, 2013

First Look & Favorite Pics

Before the wedding we had discussed many times what we wanted the day to look like…how it would flow, what would make us the most comfortable.  After reading many blogs and talking to several friends we decided that doing a first look would be perfect for us.

For those in the dark about this sort of new thing…a first look is when the bride and groom take a private moment (usually with their photographer) prior to the wedding ceremony to see each other for the first time.   

We choose to have a first look for several reasons:

1. We felt that we wanted to be able to really be in the moment the first time we saw each other and didn’t feel like being in front of all of our guests would allow us that.  Neither one of us love being the center of attention so we knew the ceremony would already be a little uncomfortable for us. (which it actually ended up not being at all)

2. We really wanted to make sure we took every moment we could to cherish, remember and soak up every single second of our special day.  By taking a moment prior to everything getting started we hoped it would help calm us and remind us of what the day was really all about…our love for each other. (I know, I know…vomit away, but I only tell it like I feel it)

So…here are several pictures from that special moment.  Our photographer had us stand like this to capture some pictures before we actually even got to really see each other. I appreciate the photos now, but at the time I was just so excited to see him I could hardly wait thru the pictures:)



The big moment…not sure why I have my arm behind my back like I am hiding something…either way I love the look on his face, exactly how I had hoped he would look at me at this moment.


Truth be told, we both got a little emotional but somehow held it together.  It was just such a surreal moment…looking at this man that I love more than I ever thought possible and having so many moments flash thru my mind.  All of the moments I cried, I prayed, I hoped…all of the moments that lead me to this person.  The moments for us: our first date, the moment I knew I could spend the rest of my life with him, the trips, the smiles, the jokes…every single moment that lead me to this point flashed thru my mind and all I could do was hug and hold him. 


I just felt so blessed to have found this kind of love…I was so excited to marry him and if felt like everything in the world was perfect.


In the end we were both glad we did the first look.  It was a very special moment that did allow us to soak up the beauty of seeing each for the first time on our wedding day in a private setting.  We also loved that the pressure was sort of off…from that point on we were able to get almost all of our pictures out of the way.  Once the ceremony was over we took a few extra pics that lasted about 5 minutes and then we could just focus on celebrating!  I loved it and would recommend it to anyone trying to decide if it is for them.  I will say, I understand if you want to go the traditional route and wait until you are walking down the aisle to see each other…there is something magical about staying with tradition.  This just really worked for us and I was so glad we decided to do it.


So Joe doesn’t really love taking pictures…as you can see from the picture below.  We have several pictures similar to this; he got bored of smiling and doing the right thing so he would do something silly.  I personally love the pictures that he does this in because that is totally his personality…one of the many reasons I love him. 


Next are a couple of my favorites of us.




I have to comment on the next three pictures because I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them!!! This was one of those times that Joe wasn’t quite sure what the heck he was supposed to be posing like so he just did something stupid.  I love the transition from the first to the third photo. 

Joe: screw it…


Joe: oh that’s what I am supposed to be doing, ok I will just watch you do it.


Joe: yeah, no…

And I just love this last photo because it really captures our relationship.  We love to laugh, we find it to be something of great importance in  any relationship, and feel lucky to be able to make each other laugh on a daily basis.  This picture is one of my favorites because we are doing what we normally do. I must have said something ridiculous that made me laugh too hard at myself (I crack myself up) and then Joe always laughs not usually at the joke, but more so at how hard I am laughing …he finds it ridiculous and hilarious how much I can make myself laugh at….myself.  Does that even make sense. 


Looking back at this pictures makes me love our special day even more…we had such an amazing time with each other, such amazing support from our friends and family.  Our photographer was awesome so check her out on facebook jana pryor photography And I cannot say enough about the super women Susan Zakany.  She will be left for another post very soon…she did our cake, decorations, flowers, food…she did everything and I can’t even begin to express how happy she made me!  So more on that in a later post.  

Stay tuned:)

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Harlem Globetrotters for a good cause…


Hey guys!  I wanted to fill you in on the really fun event we took part in a couple of weeks ago.


I have done this before 2 years ago and had a blast, so we decided to do it again this year. Basically each team pays money that goes to benefit cancer research and then everyone comes together for a super fun bar crawl.  Each team has matching colored shirts…and if you are really creative you come up with a theme.  If you know me at all, you know I always enjoy a good theme so I naturally did some research.

I had to find the perfect theme for a group activity…it had to be easy, it had to be funny, it had to stand out.  I turned to Pinterest (obvious choice) and found a picture…it was PERFECT!!!

The Harlem Globetrotters…we requested blue shirts, purchased red mesh shorts and used white duct tape to make stripes, purchased knee socks with red/blue stripes and then added accessories as needed.  We even carried around a basketball to show off our basketball skillzzz!

We were a hit…see for yourself: don’t get confused between the two pictures, we are the first one :)

May 2013 068

harlem globe

While getting ready my lovely husband got creative and decided he needed a hands free cup if he was going to be doing ball tricks and partaking in a crawl…so he made this handy dandy neck strap thingy out of the extra duct tape. I was pretty impressed as was the rest of our team because they all decided to join him and made hands free cups as well.

May 2013 063

The team walking to another destination…notice the ball, always being tossed to create a full globetrotter experience!

May 2013 067

Like mother like daughter.  If you know my aunt Mick you know she loves festive glasses…and it turns out her daughter (my cousin Kelly pictured below) must follow suite.  These also lit up in case you didn't already find them truly amazing.

May 2013 072

For some reason we thought it was a good idea to leave our “mark” at all of the bars along the way.  We left  the letter “G” in duct tape…we really got some use out of that stuff, it can be used for ANYTHING! Please take note of the converse shoes…we really tried to go old school basketball here.

May 2013 078

The 4 girls on the team…

May 2013 092

And finally, Joe and I crawlin for cancer…I really love this event.  The amount of people that show up and come together…the amount of money they raise for such a good cause.  The entire day ends up being so fun and so positive, it is really hard to not have  a good time! 

May 2013 098