Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Too Many Pictures…Too Many Moments!

First thing is first…


I couldn’t be happier with the way it turned out; I seriously cannot stop looking at it :) Much thanks to the amazing blog designer (and blogger) Erin, over at Love, Fun and Football  Check her out and if you are in the market for a new design shoot her an email.  She somehow took everything I imagined and made it come to life in this design and I am so thankful!!!


Second thing (probably should be the first but whatever, I already typed the first)…


Our wedding was amazing, magical, beautiful, filled with so much love…it was exactly how I had pictured it to be…maybe even better.  I loved every single second of that day/night and feel so grateful to have found, and permanently snagged, this wonderful man :) I promise I will share pictures…probably more than anyone cares to even see…as soon as I get them and organize them. 

  For now…back to reality!

In sitting down to write this blog post, I seriously stared at all of my pictures over the last 6 months (give or take a few) of not blogging and became heavily overwhelmed with where I should even start.  As I said in my previous post Joe and I have done some pretty life changing things in a short period of time…

I tried organizing my thoughts and come up with recap posts of everything, but in the end I decided to stop putting so much pressure on myself and just give you guys a handful…if there were ten people with full hands…of my favorite pictures over the last six life in pictures.

That way I could just start fresh with my lovely new blog design and move forward sharing my life with you guys. (besides the wedding, I swear I will recap that as well)

So here ya go folks, try and contain your excitement!

These are in no specific order…

February 2013 007

February 2013 028

 February 2013 043

March-April 2013 006



March-April 2013 039

March-April 2013 111

March-April 2013 117

March-April 2013 145

March-April 2013 148

March-April 2013 152

March-April 2013 162

March-April 2013 142

March-April 2013 124

March-April 2013 270

Phew…if you are even still reading/looking at this post thanks!  I obviously love taking pictures of


At any rate…hope you enjoyed the recap.


  1. Yeah so happy your back! Can't wait to see where this new adventure takes you!

  2. I will be honest....It was hard to contain my excitement! I love your pictures...can not wait to see ALL the wedding pictures. Just do me a favor, crop me out of any of the pics, you know the camera does Not, capture my beauty!! So happy for You & Joe in all the blessings, you have been given!

  3. Your new blog design looks great!! I can't wait for mine! When I get it, we should exchange buttons. :)