Sunday, April 21, 2013

Happy Birthday to...My Blog!!!

Hello, hello, hello...finally!!!
My life has taken a turn for the crazy over the last 6 months and I have completely neglected this blog. I have good (ish) reasons which I will list now:

1. Got engaged
2. Bought and moved into a house.
3. Set a wedding date and planned our wedding, which happens to be this Friday!!!!!

We have been BUSY...all wonderful, great and amazingly happy things, but still BUSY. I know I have neglected the blog, so I thank you for even reading this and still being curious as to what I have to say.  I am excited to announce I have been working with a wonderful blog designer and will be unveiling a new blog layout/design VERY soon…and with that new lovely space I intend on writing a whole lot more, YAY!! 
When looking back at my blog and figuring out what I wanted it to look like moving forward I realized that I have had this creative space for 3 YEARS! It is hard to believe that I started writing my blog 3 years ago today…so crazy!  I have loved every minute of blogging and love rereading old posts to see what I was thinking about over the last three years.  I have come such a long way throughout this process and look forward to what the next 3 blogging years have in store for me.
In the meantime, I am going to be busy GETTING MARRIED :) and then bringing you a shiny, new and beautiful blog design very soon. 
Stay tuned for wedding pics, funny stories from newlyweds and new home owners, and much much more!!!