Monday, October 29, 2012

I am still breathing...and alive

I know you are all assured I am still alive. 

My sob story slash excuse for not blogging lately is:
1. I have literally been fighting off random colds/viruses/bacterial infections for going on 5 weeks, so I haven't felt like writing.
2. I broke my I have had to figure out how to get everything off of it and on to poor Joe's blogging has hit the back burner.
3. I am in luuuvvvv...and with that comes less time I want to spend on my computer and more time I want to spend with my boyfriend...I know, vomit..blah blah, I am just being honest.

Basically, finding a balance in my life right now has proven to be pretty tough.  I swear I am trying to figure out a good system because I really do love blogging.  Hang in there...I will get my act together soon people!!!

In the meantime stay warm and don't blow away in this weather!!