Monday, August 27, 2012

Key West

I know, I know…I have gotten really bad about blogging again.  It seems like just when I really get in a good groove life takes over and blogging seems to be the lowest on my list of things to do for the day.  In an attempt to try and get you up to speed on my August…the most important and most amazing thing I did this month is family vacation to Key West. 

I have always loved Key West and have been lucky enough to visit more than the average person gets to and this trip didn’t disappoint.  The main difference in this visit over all of my others is that we rented bikes.  My dad, mom, sister, family friend Mike and myself woke up every morning and hopped on our bikes.  We rode all over the island…from bar to restaurant to beach to shops, back to the bar and than another bar. 

But seriously…well, seriously we did ride our bikes on a mini bar hop several days because in all honesty there are soooo many really cool bars down there.  One of our favorites was The Rum Bar which is located right on Duval Street.  It is part of a super cute bed a breakfast type place called The Speakeasy Inn.  I am not sure if we loved the drinks (below is a Pain Killer…seriously my favorite drink EVER) or if we loved the bartender more: Bahama Bob. Either way I think we made it to this bar EVERY SINGLE DAY…and I was perfectly happy with that decision.


A few more pictures from the trip:

August 2012 011

August 2012 016

August 2012 018

August 2012 028

August 2012 030

August 2012 042

I LOVE, LOVE LOVE this picture!!!  The sunset is a celebration in Key West and we didn’t even have to leave our deck.  Every single night we sat out there hoping to catch a beautiful sunset but didn’t have much luck until my last night there….and bam, how amazing is this????!!!??

At any rate my trip was great, very relaxing, spent with my amazing family and family friend…I seriously am so blessed to have a family that I enjoy hanging out with and that I actually have so much fun with!!! I love them.

August is almost over…I have no idea where it went but I am sooooo excited for Buckeye football.  I swear I will get better at blogging again, hopefully!!!