Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Things I’m loving this week…

Flights of beer…something about the display and the array of shades makes me really happy!




Blueberry beer…I cannot remember for the life of me the actual name of this beer, but when I order “the beer that comes with actual blueberries in it” at World of Beer they know what I am talking about.  I love the taste and the presentation…notice the actual delicious blueberries at the bottom of my cup.



This book and her blog/website: Kimberly Snyder 

Her book seems to be very well written and it seems like a plan that I really can agree with/follow/possibly succeed in.  I came across her name and her book several times with the last couple of days so I figured someone was trying to tell me something.  If you go on Amazon you can read the entire first chapter of this book, which totally sold me so check it out.  I can’t wait to learn all sorts of amazing things…hopefully!!!



Pretty much IN LOVE with this polish and the combo.  Essie: Turquoise & Caicos with OPI: Bring on the Bling to complete my “party nail”  I don’t usually wear colors like this but I think i might start after seeing how much I love this one. 



And speaking of nails I couldn’t resist purchasing these today…I am pretty sure I won’t use one on every single nail and I am also pretty positive I will not have the fake daggers during football season, or probably ever.  Either way..I am very excited to OSU football season already, but this makes me even more happy about the fall to come!!!!


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