Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Lake Part 2

So, it has been brought to my attention by a few people (my mom and the one and only Genius Meat himself) that that nickname sounds ridiculous…and after re-reading my previous post I guess I will agree with them.  I obviously enjoyed typing it WAY too much, and while I do laugh every time I use it I will refrain from calling the poor old fella that name on here…

I will call him by his name: Joe.

Tu-ta-loo Genius Meat…I will miss typing those words. 

Ok, but seriously back to what this post is really supposed to be about…the second part of our lake trip.

The Niagara Wine Trail 

I have been visiting this same area for most of my life and I feel very disappointed in myself that I am just now realizing this wine trail exists.  I found the website (see above) and talked my mom, Joe, Judy and Julie into joining me.  We mapped out 4 of the wineries on the trail and had a ton of fun.  The four women were wine lovers already but Joe was a wine virgin and I think he came away from the experience with a little bit better understanding of why I have such a relationship with wine.  Although I am pretty sure he will remain a faithful beer drinker, he  did realize that not all wines taste the same and he even purchased several bottles!!!

First on the trail was Schulze Vineyards & Winery which we all felt had the best tasting room.  It had a ton of really cute wine themed things you could buy, and the wine was pretty good too.

July 2012 033July 2012 022

Second was Black Willow Winery. They had a pretty nice tasting room as well and they offered chocolate during the tasting which is great because who doesn’t enjoy some nice chocolate with their wine?!!   The other cool thing is that they had three different Meads which were delicious.  I had never tried such a thing but it is some sort of honey drink…worst explanation ever, but whatever it was I liked it, HA!

July 2012 023 

I guess I thought this was cool…

July 2012 034

July 2012 027

Third on the trip was Chateau Niagara Winery. From the outside this place looked like it was an empty warehouse building, but the lady working was very knowledgeable and really sweet.

July 2012 039


July 2012 036

Not sure if

A.)He didn’t like the taste of one of the wines

B.) He was getting tired of tasting wine and just wanted a cold beer or

C.)The wine was getting the best of him…

Either way I laugh at this picture every time.

July 2012 037

The fourth and final location for the group was Victorianbourg Wine Estate. It was a pretty cool place and had a wine that tasted like chocolate…which was super amazing and of course we purchased it!

July 2012 041

July 2012 039

Although the group ended the trail with the last winery, my mom and I came across one last stop at the marina where my dad had to get gas for the boat.  I can’t remember what the name was because it was a little branch of the actual winery…but it was decent wine and anytime I drink wine with Sweet Sue I have a good time :)

July 2012 060

I would highly recommend taking a trip on the Niagara Wine Trail if you ever get up to that area.  If you don’t ever make it up there I would highly recommend finding local wineries near you and making your own trail. 

Wine tasting is so much fun, and can be pretty interesting if you actually listen and read about each wine.  If you are interested in learning more about different amazing wines check out a great and very informative blog Off the Beaten Vine…this guy knows his sh*t!!

I LOVE wine and I loved my trips to the lake!!!

All this talk about wine makes me want to go pour myself a glass…or two. CHEERS!

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