Sunday, July 22, 2012

The Lake part 1…


Well hello everyone! I have been on vacation and that is the reason you have not heard much from me on here. 

My family has been going to upstate New York for most every summer for as long as I can remember.  We stay on a cute little island on Lake Ontario called Sunset Island that is just off the shores of Wilson, NY. To say that we love this place would be a complete understatement! 

At the lake you relax, go on the boat, read, drink, eat, play cards, play tennis, take naps and do whatever else you feel like doing.  It is super laid back and a great way to de-stress and recharge your life battery.  As kids we would run all over that island and used to have so much fun! 

My parents decided to head up there again this year and so I invited “genius meat” (this is what I will call the boy…he stated that he isn’t just a piece of meat, he is actually very smart…some might say genius even :)  and so the name genius meat was born and I couldn’t have thought of a better name for him on here, ha!)

At any rate, we headed up there on what might have been the HOTTEST day ever!!! The picture below is when we first arrived to my parents cottage…and we look like a HOT MESS!!!!! Notice the lovely “glow” of sweat all over us…miserable!!!!

July 2012 066 As I mentioned we have been going up there for years, and we even in fact, used to live up there for a short period when I was VERY young (like 2 years old) While we lived there my parents made several really great friends some of which had children.  Going back up there year after year we maintained contact with some of them and still remain friends.  Below is my mom and I with two of our favorite people from up there…Julie and Judy…it was SO great to see them!!!

July 2012 021 My prec mom enjoying her steamed clams…they actually weren’t that bad, waaayyyy better then seamed oysters for sure!!!

July 2012 029

 Genius Meat and I after dinner out at The Wilson House.

July 2012 030

 Below is the view of our cottage from the harbor.  It was a very cute little place to stay complete with a deck that overlooked the harbor and a dock to sit out on if we wanted to.  SO BEAUTIFUL!!!

July 2012 043

Mom and Genius Meat getting ready to dock the boat…now that’s efffing teamwork!!!

July 2012 044

 The amazing captain ;)

July 2012 045

Because the weather turned on us and became kinda chilly after that first hot day we could only go out on the boat a couple of times…and below is one of them. Genius Meat is looking pretty hot if I do say so myself…or maybe I just seriously enjoy using the term “Genius Meat” because I laugh out loud while I type it every. single. time.

July 2012 046

 Sweet Sue wanted in on the picture taking so she took a shot from the co-captain seat and captured us cheesing…errrr, i mean chilling,  in the back ground


 Cute Genius Meat posing with a boat in the left hand picture below…you couldn’t really read what it said so I took another one of just the boat (which is on the right) all because his nickname is Red Dog and that was the name of the boat, so naturally I had to make him pose so I could take obnoxious pictures of him.

July 2012 068 July 2012 077

And finally, they don’t call it Sunset Island for nothing…here we are getting ready to finish watching the sunset…it was really beautiful. 

July 2012 080 The entire trip was so relaxing and so much fun.  It was nice to get to spend quality time with my parents and for my parents to get to know Genius Meat a little better…they loved him obvious!  Stay tuned for part 2…we did a wine tour that ended up being pretty fun and tasty.

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  1. I think you should go with Red Dog instead of Genius Meat