Monday, July 9, 2012

Ohio Blogger Meet and Greet other ramblings…

october 2010 045

Two years ago I became the proud (errr, VERY proud…hence the photo) owner of a Nike Sports Band. 

I fell in love with the thing. 

I have a love hate relationship with running but this band made it so much more enjoyable for me. 

It tells you how far you have gone, which helps for people like me who just start running without a specific course in mind.  My favorite thing about this handy dandy band is that it also tells me my pace.


Now I realize to the innocent bystander my pace is pretty close to a brisk walk…but believe me, I am jogging.

Very slowly…but I am!

At any rate I like to know my pace because I have found that if I can keep myself at around the same pace of about 11:30-12:00 minute miles (not the 9:45 as it may appear above…don’t be fooled, that is just the time) I can run a heck of a lot longer and feel pretty darn good afterwards. 

When I don’t have the band I tend to run faster in random bursts of energy (if I am being honest, these bursts tend to happen when I am passing someone on the street and I don’t want to find myself awkwardly jogging next to them because their walk pace is the same as my jog pace,HA!)

So…the point is…I love the Nike Sports Band. 

The other point to this ramble is that I have not been using my band very much lately due to my obsession with all workout classes at Ohio Krav Maga check them out.  Due to this little obsession I sort of got out of straight up running…that is until the race bug bit me as it does every summer. 

I recently read a blog post over on  Daily Garnish about her honest experience with a half marathon and it made me want to re-tackle another race.  I have done several half marathons, one full marathon and many other 5ks here and there.  I personally feel like I have never trained correctly or ran enough miles during training to feel confident at the start of any of those races though. 

I really want to train and complete one half marathon and really feel like I was prepared: physically, mentally, nutritionally, etc. 

Don’t get me wrong…I loved every single race experience and didn’t feel completely unprepared for any of them.  I am very proud of myself for all of the races, but I am still missing something/

… and so I am currently shopping around to find my next race…possibly the The Columbus Marathon in October, not sure yet. 

So that is my ramble about running/racing/sports bands…anyone running in any races this October/November?

The other thing I need to tell you about (hence the blog post title) is the Ohio Blogger Meet and Greet I got to take part in this past weekend.  It was super amazing to meet other bloggers that live in Ohio.  I was actually kind of nervous going in because I wasn’t really sure what to expect…but everyone was really great. 

I came away from the experience feeling like I had made some new friends, excited to continue reading and following all of the blogs, and learning that not being on Twitter is like not having an email address.  I had no idea how much bloggers utilized twitter

…to the point I kind of felt a tiny bit embarrassed about how little i knew about it, until I went home and read up and played around with it.

Watch out Twitter, I’m coming for ya! 

Now you can follow me on twitter @abby22doodle

Thanks ladies for all being so sweet…I had a really amazing time meeting you, and I learned a few things too…like the importance of twitter, yay!!!

So to end this monster of a post I leave you with a photo from the meet and greet.  Check out all of the other blogs cause they are amazing women with interesting things to say!


(Picture thanks to Leigh Anne!)

Left to right (back row): Michelle, myself, Brittany, Whitney, Shane, Caitlyn, Jen, Bethany, Lindsay

(front row): Leigh Anne, Katie, Holly


  1. It was great meeting you! So glad you made it! And I loveeeee the nike band! Its a live saver isn't it? (:

  2. it was so nice meeting you! you better use that twitter, girl! LOL

  3. Great meeting you all too!!! Yes the nike band is a must have for anyone that wants an affordable tool for running...I should tweet about this.HA!

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