Saturday, July 7, 2012

Meet Paula…

She is my planner


I carry her everywhere for the most part, and when I don’t have her with me I feel lost.  As ridiculous as this may sound…it is pretty much true. 

I love to plan things and have things going on in my life.  I also equally love writing them down…on paper, with fun colored pens/markers.  My friends often wonder and ask me why I haven’t entered the modern day world and keep my planner electronically in my phone.  They usually get annoyed with the non-electronic planner when they ask me if I am available to do something and I have no idea cause I left Paula at home.  The conversation (and birth of the name “Paula”) goes like this:


My friend Natalie: “We need to plan another bar crawl soon.”

Me: “Yes I agree”

Natalie: “Let’s look at a weekend in July and plan this.”

Me: “I don’t have my planner with me so we will have to wait until I get home and I can see what I have going on.”

Natalie: “Ukkk, why can’t you just bring your stupid planner with you everywhere or put stuff in your phone…it is like your planner is a real person, we should give it a name.  I name it Paula.”

Me: “Well my purse is too little to carry it everywhere and I don’t like electronic calendars.  Ok we will call her Paula.”


And so…Paula was officially born.  Now I understand it may be annoying to my friends that I don’t carry her everywhere, but there is just something I seriously love and can’t get away from when it comes to hand-writing in my planner. I need to see what is going on for the entire week and I need it to be color coded and I love writing fun things in Paula…my electronic calendar just doesn’t satisfy my planner needs. 

A typical week in Paula looks like this":


She tells me when my friend’s birthdays are, when I don’t have to work, when my boyfriend does work (he is a firefighter with a different schedule than the average person)…she tells me when my workouts are, when I have meetings, when I get paid, when my roommate is out of town…she keeps track of it all. 

Maybe I am weird…I don’t know and I really don’t care. I was also one of those kids that got a little too excited to buy new school supplies, and I love office supply stores and catalogs.  Anyone else out there prefer a Paula type planner as opposed to an electronic one…anyone else equally love office supplies as me…I can’t possible be alone in this, right????


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  2. You are not alone. Not even close. The only tolerable thing about my job is that I don't have an office supply budget and can order as much cute, fun, organizational office supplies as I want. I even held a "pick your planner" even for my office, where I introduced them to the various "hard planner" options and allowed them to choose the "Paula" right for them. God bless Paula.

  3. I have to have a paper planner too! And mine goes with me pretty much everywhere too, I would be lost without it!

  4. Erin, I love that you held an event for your company so they could find the perfect Paula for them...I would have been in heaven at that event. I am glad I am not alone in the love relationship I have for office supplies!
    Katie: I would be soooo lost with my Paula and it is nice to know other people have no intention of going to the dark side (technology based planner) either. Also great meeting you!!!