Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Holiday in the middle of the week = what day is it again???

When a holiday falls in the middle of my work week it seriously throws me off…big time!  I have found myself over and over today thinking it was Sunday and then being all confused for a hot minute as to what day it actually is again.

At any rate, I hope you all had a wonderful 4th of July because I sure as heck did.  I am lucky enough (in my opinion) to live downtown which means I don’t have to go anywhere to watch Red, White and Boom and all of the festivities that come with it.  This year, despite what the online map said, the parade went right in front of my building so we got to watch and enjoy in the comfort of air conditioning (thru our window).  We also got to watch the fireworks from our buildings top level balcony…and it has an amazing view!

As with most holidays or themed anything’s we live for going all out.  Some might say we border on ridiculousness, I say we like to have a good time and dress for the occasion.  It seems that I have been blessed with a man in my life that will go along with this love for themes/holidays. Below are a few (three) photos of his…and mine…accessories and clothing that screams “We love America!”

July 2012 001 

He is really getting into loving the outfit below…or maybe he is just trying to look goofy so I will stop taking his picture…

July 2012 002

Wrong buddy…I am always taking “one more picture” and I personally feel like the glasses make the outfit. On a side note: my aunt Mick collects themed sunglasses and showed up with at least 5 different pairs…I get my love of themes honestly, it runs in the family.

July 2012 003

The themes dessert…looked good and tasted good! ( There are even 50 blueberries on this bad boy…thanks Kelly)

July 2012 005

The beer selection and display our complex had set up and ready for all residents…we were happy.

July 2012 009

And finally, the group shot.  Last year we were basically the only ones that showed up to the resident cookout and party dressed for 4th of July.  Consequently we made the picture on the poster in all of the buildings that advertized for this years festivities. We felt pressure to “bring it” this year and I have a feeling we may be on next year’s poster as well. 

Few things to point out: My aunt Micks outfit…the headband was phenomenal.

Our tiny hats…also phenomenal.

Joe’s dog ears/America flags stuck into his sweat band…they even flowed in the wind when he walked.  I couldn’t stop laughing…what a trooper :)

July 2012 010

I hope you all had as much fun as we did because we had a pretty darn good time looking ridiculous in the name of celebrating America!  And to leave you with a quote cause that’s how I role:

I love my freedom

I love my America

~Jessi Lane Adams~


  1. So happy to see you back into the blog. I have missed your posts!!!

  2. Thanks Lindsay...they are so much fun and they make me want a little hat for every holiday, HA!
    @Anonymous: Thank you for your kind comment...I love blogging but sometimes life just gets in the way so I appreciate your encouragement!!