Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Things I’m loving this week…

Flights of beer…something about the display and the array of shades makes me really happy!




Blueberry beer…I cannot remember for the life of me the actual name of this beer, but when I order “the beer that comes with actual blueberries in it” at World of Beer they know what I am talking about.  I love the taste and the presentation…notice the actual delicious blueberries at the bottom of my cup.



This book and her blog/website: Kimberly Snyder 

Her book seems to be very well written and it seems like a plan that I really can agree with/follow/possibly succeed in.  I came across her name and her book several times with the last couple of days so I figured someone was trying to tell me something.  If you go on Amazon you can read the entire first chapter of this book, which totally sold me so check it out.  I can’t wait to learn all sorts of amazing things…hopefully!!!



Pretty much IN LOVE with this polish and the combo.  Essie: Turquoise & Caicos with OPI: Bring on the Bling to complete my “party nail”  I don’t usually wear colors like this but I think i might start after seeing how much I love this one. 



And speaking of nails I couldn’t resist purchasing these today…I am pretty sure I won’t use one on every single nail and I am also pretty positive I will not have the fake daggers during football season, or probably ever.  Either way..I am very excited to OSU football season already, but this makes me even more happy about the fall to come!!!!


Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Lake Part 2

So, it has been brought to my attention by a few people (my mom and the one and only Genius Meat himself) that that nickname sounds ridiculous…and after re-reading my previous post I guess I will agree with them.  I obviously enjoyed typing it WAY too much, and while I do laugh every time I use it I will refrain from calling the poor old fella that name on here…

I will call him by his name: Joe.

Tu-ta-loo Genius Meat…I will miss typing those words. 

Ok, but seriously back to what this post is really supposed to be about…the second part of our lake trip.

The Niagara Wine Trail 

I have been visiting this same area for most of my life and I feel very disappointed in myself that I am just now realizing this wine trail exists.  I found the website (see above) and talked my mom, Joe, Judy and Julie into joining me.  We mapped out 4 of the wineries on the trail and had a ton of fun.  The four women were wine lovers already but Joe was a wine virgin and I think he came away from the experience with a little bit better understanding of why I have such a relationship with wine.  Although I am pretty sure he will remain a faithful beer drinker, he  did realize that not all wines taste the same and he even purchased several bottles!!!

First on the trail was Schulze Vineyards & Winery which we all felt had the best tasting room.  It had a ton of really cute wine themed things you could buy, and the wine was pretty good too.

July 2012 033July 2012 022

Second was Black Willow Winery. They had a pretty nice tasting room as well and they offered chocolate during the tasting which is great because who doesn’t enjoy some nice chocolate with their wine?!!   The other cool thing is that they had three different Meads which were delicious.  I had never tried such a thing but it is some sort of honey drink…worst explanation ever, but whatever it was I liked it, HA!

July 2012 023 

I guess I thought this was cool…

July 2012 034

July 2012 027

Third on the trip was Chateau Niagara Winery. From the outside this place looked like it was an empty warehouse building, but the lady working was very knowledgeable and really sweet.

July 2012 039


July 2012 036

Not sure if

A.)He didn’t like the taste of one of the wines

B.) He was getting tired of tasting wine and just wanted a cold beer or

C.)The wine was getting the best of him…

Either way I laugh at this picture every time.

July 2012 037

The fourth and final location for the group was Victorianbourg Wine Estate. It was a pretty cool place and had a wine that tasted like chocolate…which was super amazing and of course we purchased it!

July 2012 041

July 2012 039

Although the group ended the trail with the last winery, my mom and I came across one last stop at the marina where my dad had to get gas for the boat.  I can’t remember what the name was because it was a little branch of the actual winery…but it was decent wine and anytime I drink wine with Sweet Sue I have a good time :)

July 2012 060

I would highly recommend taking a trip on the Niagara Wine Trail if you ever get up to that area.  If you don’t ever make it up there I would highly recommend finding local wineries near you and making your own trail. 

Wine tasting is so much fun, and can be pretty interesting if you actually listen and read about each wine.  If you are interested in learning more about different amazing wines check out a great and very informative blog Off the Beaten Vine…this guy knows his sh*t!!

I LOVE wine and I loved my trips to the lake!!!

All this talk about wine makes me want to go pour myself a glass…or two. CHEERS!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

The Lake part 1…


Well hello everyone! I have been on vacation and that is the reason you have not heard much from me on here. 

My family has been going to upstate New York for most every summer for as long as I can remember.  We stay on a cute little island on Lake Ontario called Sunset Island that is just off the shores of Wilson, NY. To say that we love this place would be a complete understatement! 

At the lake you relax, go on the boat, read, drink, eat, play cards, play tennis, take naps and do whatever else you feel like doing.  It is super laid back and a great way to de-stress and recharge your life battery.  As kids we would run all over that island and used to have so much fun! 

My parents decided to head up there again this year and so I invited “genius meat” (this is what I will call the boy…he stated that he isn’t just a piece of meat, he is actually very smart…some might say genius even :)  and so the name genius meat was born and I couldn’t have thought of a better name for him on here, ha!)

At any rate, we headed up there on what might have been the HOTTEST day ever!!! The picture below is when we first arrived to my parents cottage…and we look like a HOT MESS!!!!! Notice the lovely “glow” of sweat all over us…miserable!!!!

July 2012 066 As I mentioned we have been going up there for years, and we even in fact, used to live up there for a short period when I was VERY young (like 2 years old) While we lived there my parents made several really great friends some of which had children.  Going back up there year after year we maintained contact with some of them and still remain friends.  Below is my mom and I with two of our favorite people from up there…Julie and Judy…it was SO great to see them!!!

July 2012 021 My prec mom enjoying her steamed clams…they actually weren’t that bad, waaayyyy better then seamed oysters for sure!!!

July 2012 029

 Genius Meat and I after dinner out at The Wilson House.

July 2012 030

 Below is the view of our cottage from the harbor.  It was a very cute little place to stay complete with a deck that overlooked the harbor and a dock to sit out on if we wanted to.  SO BEAUTIFUL!!!

July 2012 043

Mom and Genius Meat getting ready to dock the boat…now that’s efffing teamwork!!!

July 2012 044

 The amazing captain ;)

July 2012 045

Because the weather turned on us and became kinda chilly after that first hot day we could only go out on the boat a couple of times…and below is one of them. Genius Meat is looking pretty hot if I do say so myself…or maybe I just seriously enjoy using the term “Genius Meat” because I laugh out loud while I type it every. single. time.

July 2012 046

 Sweet Sue wanted in on the picture taking so she took a shot from the co-captain seat and captured us cheesing…errrr, i mean chilling,  in the back ground


 Cute Genius Meat posing with a boat in the left hand picture below…you couldn’t really read what it said so I took another one of just the boat (which is on the right) all because his nickname is Red Dog and that was the name of the boat, so naturally I had to make him pose so I could take obnoxious pictures of him.

July 2012 068 July 2012 077

And finally, they don’t call it Sunset Island for nothing…here we are getting ready to finish watching the sunset…it was really beautiful. 

July 2012 080 The entire trip was so relaxing and so much fun.  It was nice to get to spend quality time with my parents and for my parents to get to know Genius Meat a little better…they loved him obvious!  Stay tuned for part 2…we did a wine tour that ended up being pretty fun and tasty.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

My name is Abby and I changed my Facebook relationship status

The ever looming facebook relationship status…dun dun duuuunnnn! Every time I get on facebook and look at my profile and it says: Abby is SINGLE I feel like I could possibly be sending the wrong message to all of those men out there looking at my profile and thinking they can date me( i am totally saying this in a VERY sarcastic tone because I realize that last thing I said doesn’t really happen)

But seriously, I do kind of feel like I am not being truthful…either it shouldn’t say anything at all or I must do what needs to be done and change it to say: Abby is IN A RELATIONSHIP.  But, as if that isn’t already enough, you then have to decide if you are going to just leave it as that…you are in a relationship…and leave everyone guessing as to with whom…or do you make it known to the facebook world and call the poor guy out? AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!?!?!?!

 I know I am quite possibly being super dramatic about this, or just a giant dork.  Either way, don’t get me wrong, I am over the moon excited about being in a relationship…

I would shout it off the rooftops and wear a shirt everyday telling people about it but there is just something weird to me about changing my status.  It’s like you are wanting a reaction from everyone by putting it out there

…and I just realized that by writing this post I am probably asking for an even bigger reaction…super awesome.

Changing my relationship status makes me feel a little bit like a 14 year old girl…in a good way and a bad way. Good because I am happy to have found such an amazing man that makes me VERY happy, and bad because…well, it just seems silly.

I am seriously thankful facebook wasn’t around when I actually was 14 though for real!!!  I am pretty sure I would have been one of those girls that was unnecessarily dramatic on there.

At any rate…I am officially (because changing it on facebook is the only way it becomes official) IN A RELATIONSHIP. And since I am already putting it out there I feel like I might as well let the world (and by world I mean my facebook friends) know exactly who the lucky fella is, right? 

Go big or go home…balls to the wall…there I go being dramatic again…whatever!

Can’t take it back now…nor do I want to.

And I am totally prepared for my friends and family to make fun of me for this post and for changing my relationship status. 

Bring. It. On.  (I guess)

And one last thing I want to share…just in case this post doesn’t already leave you wanting to make fun of me…

I bough my cats a toy and then took pictures of them playing with it.

And I will share those with you now:


Squeeks getting ready to pounce.


Nala taking a different approach…the pretend lazy then attack method, whatever entertains her I am ok with.


And finally…the my two little balls of fun playing together.

That is all I have for today folks…let the comments begin :)

Monday, July 9, 2012

Ohio Blogger Meet and Greet other ramblings…

october 2010 045

Two years ago I became the proud (errr, VERY proud…hence the photo) owner of a Nike Sports Band. 

I fell in love with the thing. 

I have a love hate relationship with running but this band made it so much more enjoyable for me. 

It tells you how far you have gone, which helps for people like me who just start running without a specific course in mind.  My favorite thing about this handy dandy band is that it also tells me my pace.


Now I realize to the innocent bystander my pace is pretty close to a brisk walk…but believe me, I am jogging.

Very slowly…but I am!

At any rate I like to know my pace because I have found that if I can keep myself at around the same pace of about 11:30-12:00 minute miles (not the 9:45 as it may appear above…don’t be fooled, that is just the time) I can run a heck of a lot longer and feel pretty darn good afterwards. 

When I don’t have the band I tend to run faster in random bursts of energy (if I am being honest, these bursts tend to happen when I am passing someone on the street and I don’t want to find myself awkwardly jogging next to them because their walk pace is the same as my jog pace,HA!)

So…the point is…I love the Nike Sports Band. 

The other point to this ramble is that I have not been using my band very much lately due to my obsession with all workout classes at Ohio Krav Maga check them out.  Due to this little obsession I sort of got out of straight up running…that is until the race bug bit me as it does every summer. 

I recently read a blog post over on  Daily Garnish about her honest experience with a half marathon and it made me want to re-tackle another race.  I have done several half marathons, one full marathon and many other 5ks here and there.  I personally feel like I have never trained correctly or ran enough miles during training to feel confident at the start of any of those races though. 

I really want to train and complete one half marathon and really feel like I was prepared: physically, mentally, nutritionally, etc. 

Don’t get me wrong…I loved every single race experience and didn’t feel completely unprepared for any of them.  I am very proud of myself for all of the races, but I am still missing something/

… and so I am currently shopping around to find my next race…possibly the The Columbus Marathon in October, not sure yet. 

So that is my ramble about running/racing/sports bands…anyone running in any races this October/November?

The other thing I need to tell you about (hence the blog post title) is the Ohio Blogger Meet and Greet I got to take part in this past weekend.  It was super amazing to meet other bloggers that live in Ohio.  I was actually kind of nervous going in because I wasn’t really sure what to expect…but everyone was really great. 

I came away from the experience feeling like I had made some new friends, excited to continue reading and following all of the blogs, and learning that not being on Twitter is like not having an email address.  I had no idea how much bloggers utilized twitter

…to the point I kind of felt a tiny bit embarrassed about how little i knew about it, until I went home and read up and played around with it.

Watch out Twitter, I’m coming for ya! 

Now you can follow me on twitter @abby22doodle

Thanks ladies for all being so sweet…I had a really amazing time meeting you, and I learned a few things too…like the importance of twitter, yay!!!

So to end this monster of a post I leave you with a photo from the meet and greet.  Check out all of the other blogs cause they are amazing women with interesting things to say!


(Picture thanks to Leigh Anne!)

Left to right (back row): Michelle, myself, Brittany, Whitney, Shane, Caitlyn, Jen, Bethany, Lindsay

(front row): Leigh Anne, Katie, Holly

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Meet Paula…

She is my planner


I carry her everywhere for the most part, and when I don’t have her with me I feel lost.  As ridiculous as this may sound…it is pretty much true. 

I love to plan things and have things going on in my life.  I also equally love writing them down…on paper, with fun colored pens/markers.  My friends often wonder and ask me why I haven’t entered the modern day world and keep my planner electronically in my phone.  They usually get annoyed with the non-electronic planner when they ask me if I am available to do something and I have no idea cause I left Paula at home.  The conversation (and birth of the name “Paula”) goes like this:


My friend Natalie: “We need to plan another bar crawl soon.”

Me: “Yes I agree”

Natalie: “Let’s look at a weekend in July and plan this.”

Me: “I don’t have my planner with me so we will have to wait until I get home and I can see what I have going on.”

Natalie: “Ukkk, why can’t you just bring your stupid planner with you everywhere or put stuff in your phone…it is like your planner is a real person, we should give it a name.  I name it Paula.”

Me: “Well my purse is too little to carry it everywhere and I don’t like electronic calendars.  Ok we will call her Paula.”


And so…Paula was officially born.  Now I understand it may be annoying to my friends that I don’t carry her everywhere, but there is just something I seriously love and can’t get away from when it comes to hand-writing in my planner. I need to see what is going on for the entire week and I need it to be color coded and I love writing fun things in Paula…my electronic calendar just doesn’t satisfy my planner needs. 

A typical week in Paula looks like this":


She tells me when my friend’s birthdays are, when I don’t have to work, when my boyfriend does work (he is a firefighter with a different schedule than the average person)…she tells me when my workouts are, when I have meetings, when I get paid, when my roommate is out of town…she keeps track of it all. 

Maybe I am weird…I don’t know and I really don’t care. I was also one of those kids that got a little too excited to buy new school supplies, and I love office supply stores and catalogs.  Anyone else out there prefer a Paula type planner as opposed to an electronic one…anyone else equally love office supplies as me…I can’t possible be alone in this, right????

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Holiday in the middle of the week = what day is it again???

When a holiday falls in the middle of my work week it seriously throws me off…big time!  I have found myself over and over today thinking it was Sunday and then being all confused for a hot minute as to what day it actually is again.

At any rate, I hope you all had a wonderful 4th of July because I sure as heck did.  I am lucky enough (in my opinion) to live downtown which means I don’t have to go anywhere to watch Red, White and Boom and all of the festivities that come with it.  This year, despite what the online map said, the parade went right in front of my building so we got to watch and enjoy in the comfort of air conditioning (thru our window).  We also got to watch the fireworks from our buildings top level balcony…and it has an amazing view!

As with most holidays or themed anything’s we live for going all out.  Some might say we border on ridiculousness, I say we like to have a good time and dress for the occasion.  It seems that I have been blessed with a man in my life that will go along with this love for themes/holidays. Below are a few (three) photos of his…and mine…accessories and clothing that screams “We love America!”

July 2012 001 

He is really getting into loving the outfit below…or maybe he is just trying to look goofy so I will stop taking his picture…

July 2012 002

Wrong buddy…I am always taking “one more picture” and I personally feel like the glasses make the outfit. On a side note: my aunt Mick collects themed sunglasses and showed up with at least 5 different pairs…I get my love of themes honestly, it runs in the family.

July 2012 003

The themes dessert…looked good and tasted good! ( There are even 50 blueberries on this bad boy…thanks Kelly)

July 2012 005

The beer selection and display our complex had set up and ready for all residents…we were happy.

July 2012 009

And finally, the group shot.  Last year we were basically the only ones that showed up to the resident cookout and party dressed for 4th of July.  Consequently we made the picture on the poster in all of the buildings that advertized for this years festivities. We felt pressure to “bring it” this year and I have a feeling we may be on next year’s poster as well. 

Few things to point out: My aunt Micks outfit…the headband was phenomenal.

Our tiny hats…also phenomenal.

Joe’s dog ears/America flags stuck into his sweat band…they even flowed in the wind when he walked.  I couldn’t stop laughing…what a trooper :)

July 2012 010

I hope you all had as much fun as we did because we had a pretty darn good time looking ridiculous in the name of celebrating America!  And to leave you with a quote cause that’s how I role:

I love my freedom

I love my America

~Jessi Lane Adams~

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Ladies weekend

So as you might have already figured out by reading previous posts…my family is super awesome and they love to have a good time.  One of the things my dad’s sisters/my grandma/close female family friends/other aunts/cousins have done over the years is an annual ladies weekend.  I have been attending this weekend for the last 9 years…but it has been going on far longer than that.  It is awesome, it is hilarious, it is crazy…and it is my family!!!  We usually head up to Put-in-Bay for a long weekend…there is also usually some sort of “gift” that someone comes up with as the theme for the weekend…we want to be set apart from the masses, and we usually have no problem doing that!!!


Below are a few pics from previous years to give you a little taste of the awesomeness you are missing out on":

Pirate themed weekend…

put in bay 2009 081

This picture just makes me laugh…out loud…super hard.  My weirdo cousins reenacting a pirate fight scene…totally normal!


Biker chick theme…hanging out with Mike Maddogg Adams:our favorite performer/comedian/singer on the island!  Look very closely and you will see that my darling grandma has a spiked collar on, why wouldn’t she?

abby 152

Now if there is one thing we love more than a good theme is good wine.  On the way up to Put-in-Bay we make it a habit to stop off at Firelands Winery for a wine tasting.  We also usually get some sort of crazy group picture on the steps…hence the photos below

put in bay 2009 030 

pib 2010 and fathers day 028

 On to this year’s festivities…we decided to switch it up and head to Kelly’s Island…but since we still LOVE wine we couldn’t leave out Firelands Winery!  I personally love that grandma is holding a brown paper bag…the woman is READY to get her party on at ladies weekend :)

June 2012 008


This picture probably best describes the weekend…sike…but seriously we drank Lemoncello a lot on the ride up and we talked about Christian Grey a lot the entire trip so naturally I felt this picture was necessary?!?!


Celebrated my aunt Rosemary’s 50th year of life (so her birthday was last summer, but better late than never we figured!)


Grandma and a giant chair…why not?


Blood Mary garden…err…drink.  It was A-MAZE-ING!!!


Pool time…we don’t like to drink beer or do Jell-O shots…what gave you that idea?!?


Precious Kelly innocently dumping her cooler out on the nice aunts in the pool..haha! I love their reaction and the grin on Kelly’s face :)


Group photo (we have no idea who those gentlemen are in the background btw)  Theme for this year are the wine grape necklaces we are all wearing.  Less flashy but still pretty darn cute if I do say so myself. (My mom, sister and I actually made them so I might be a little biased)


All in all…ladies weekend is always a blast.  It is all about hanging with family, catching up on everyone’s lives, drinking, eating and laughing so hard it feels like you did a million crunches.  My family is amazing and I know I am incredibly lucky to be apart of this weekend every year and to be apart of a group of people and women who aren’t afraid to let loose, get a little crazy/silly and have a good time.  They don’t always take life so seriously and I think that makes life pretty darn fun!