Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Things you need to know about…

First thing you need to know: this is NOT a serious post, it is full of super random pictures and things I have recently become borderline obsessed with. So, with that, let me begin with a really cute picture of Nala Jean or at least I think it is cute.


The picture below just makes me laugh every time I look at it.  Kelly was innocently laying on the couch at her brother and sister-in laws house with the pet tiger.  It just happened to look like she was seriously on the verge of loosing her foot to the tiger, which is obviously fake (who owns a real tiger…I know I am from Zanesville but come on) but it looks sooooo real in this picture!!!!


One of the saddest pictures EVER…this here means I have to wait an entire year for the next St. Patrick’s Day…they haven’t even started the countdown to 2013, boooo!! I wonder when they actually do start it?


HaPpY HoUr with one of my all time favorite drinks…the dirty martini, YUM!!!!


Ok,if anyone is even still reading this; enough with the random pictures and on to the things you need to know about.  Kroger brand (private selection) Organic Baby Spring Mix WITH HERBS…it is that last part that makes this mix soooo flipping ridiculously good.  You must, must, must try this.  I am not even sure what the herbs are…possibly some dill, cilantro…I don’t even know for sure, but it makes this mix so much better then just regular lettuce.  TRY IT NOW!

March 2012 016

March 2012 017

And to carry my delicious salad find to work for lunch I came across this handy dandy Gladware container made especially for salad AND the dressing.  I hate having to take an entire bottle of salad dressing with me because I normally go to the gym after work and don’t get home until later…which mean I have to leave the bottle in the warm car, which doesn’t make me happy.  This container has a little cup that you put the dressing in and it pops right in to the lid.  It is not messy and it holds the perfect amount of dressing. 

March 2012 019

Again, you must look for these and try them out if you ever pack yourself a salad because it is perfection!!!

March 2012 020

Last thing I have become borderline (ok fully) obsessed with is this trilogy.  My cousin Kelly (who still has both feet despite the picture above) heard about this book while watching tv recently. She said they described it as “a softcore porn book that all of the housewives are becoming addicted too”…sounded slightly intriguing but not something I would normally pick up and read.  I continued to hear great things about the books and it was soon on the New York Times Bestseller list…and so I gave in because I wanted to know what all of the fuss was about.  (Back story…my mom briefly heard Kelly talking about this book and because my mom has an obsession with purchasing books she bought it not knowing it was, shall we say…risqué)  So I borrowed it from my mom…I am obsessed. This book is hot, it is full of passion…to be honest, it is pretty descriptive and as some points left me semi embarrassed to be reading it. It even caused me to check out who was around me like I was being “caught” reading something I wasn’t supposed to…BUT the love story is magical. I am a sucker for romance and the main character, Anastasia, is so easy to relate to.  I cannot wait to read the second and third book in this trilogy and if you can let yourself get past the erotica (for lack of better words) of this book and focus on the story (which you can and must because it is amaze-balls) you will fall in love with these books as well.  There is a reason it made the bestsellers list, check it out!!!!


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