Sunday, April 22, 2012

Mojitos and Mike Posner

This past weekend was a long and eventful one.  I had a ton of fun but come today (Sunday) I am on complete “recover” mode.  To recap my lovely weekend let me give you a run-down on events: 


Friday Night: Birthday party for my Aunt Cathy.  She LOVES the mojitos at Champs Restaurant and so the party began there.  Cake and mojitos.


The birthday girl below complete with her crown, necklace and beaming smile! 

April 2012 018

A few of us gathered at Champs celebrating. 

April 2012 020

A few mojitos and several other tasty drinks later we made our way over to The Big Bang Dueling Piano Bar (a personal favorite of mine) and had an amazing time as I always do there.  We got Cathy up on stage and sang her happy birthday as well as one of her favorite songs; Meatloaf's Paradise by the Dashboard Light.  I love my family and this was just one more night that reminded me of how amazing they all are.  Several cousins, my sister and several aunts spent an entire night together (literally, they all stayed at our place)…we are all different ages but we had the best time!  I am confident this was a birthday Cathy will never forget, nor will I. 

April 2012 026

Saturday Night: Not sure if this is common knowledge yet on here or not, but I am a tiny bit obsessed with the amazing and talented Mike Posner.  He seems to only play his shows at colleges…so naturally I am forced to go to these colleges and throw myself back into the college scene so that I can enjoy Mikey in concert. I have seen him in Athens at OU already and it was amazing.  This past weekend he made his way to Muskingum College (close to where I am from) so I gathered Kelly and Chrisy  and we made our way over to the college for some good times. 


Once we let ourselves get over the semi awkward fact that we were indeed the oldest folks in the room…we rocked it out with the best of them.  It was general admission so that means super crowded and many over served, space invader college kids.  Other than the space invasion (got slapped in my shoulder multiple times by a random’s boob to the point of possible bruising…also got karate chopped in the neck so that I wouldn't be in a picture, weird) we had a great time.  I think eye contact was made several times with good old Mikey P. and he may be trying to contact me soon to ask for my hand in marriage…don’t be surprised when this happens.

April 2012 027

As if all of the previous events of the weekend weren’t enough we couldn’t resist meeting our cousin Megan out to help celebrate her birthday.  Nothing says happy birthday like singing “Family Tradition” at the top of your lungs with cuuuzins. 

April 2012 031

And…Chrisy singing her special song for the birthday girl…not sure what the song was but it was pure entertainment!

April 2012 034

As you can tell my weekend was a whirlwind of family, drinks and live music (whether Mike Posner or Chrisy) and I loved every minute of it.  So. Much. Fun. 


  1. I just love your blog!!! You need to write more!!!

  2. Thank you so much for this amazing comment...I am working on getting back in to the swing of writing more. I really appreciate that someone out there loves reading it. Thank you!