Sunday, April 15, 2012

Easter and Wine

Easter was a little more low key for the Nash household this year, but I am not complaining.  It was just my parents, my uncle Bill, my brother and his fianc√©, and me.  (sister Molly was in Washington DC visiting friends) For one reason or another I did not take very many pictures but here are the few I did manage to snap before getting lost in the delicious brunch my mom cooked up for us.  Below are the table settings…I really thought it looked so pretty, thanks mom for putting in so much effort to make everything look and taste amazing!


Poor little Skeeter cat sitting outside the door while we all eat our lives away. 


I remember making these delicious birds nests things when I was younger and in Girl Scouts.  I managed to see a picture of them on the internet and was reminded just how darn good they are  and so I made them for Easter this year.  They are everything I remembered…sooo yummy and super easy to make. 


The Friday before Easter (yes I know it is aka Good Friday) we attended the Third Annual Graperil party hosted by several of our friends.  Below was a gift to one of the guys from his mom…it was cute and it hopped when you pressed its little paw. 


The theme of aforementioned Graperil is to dress up and be sophisticated and drink white wine all night.  We clearly came the part…looking gorgeous in our dresses and fancy clothes and then to really top of the look we had to bring our woozies.  What is a wine party without a woozie??  Acrylic wine glasses embraced with our woozies was the perfect combination to this style of party.  If you have never heard of a woozie you must check out their website  We have loved these amazing things since the day we set eyes on them years ago when Kelly received one as a gift down in Georgia. It is like a koozie you would use for a beer, only it is for your wine glass. 

April 2012 001

And the final picture is of a bunch of us looking hot and sophisticated ready to drink some white wine!  We had a great time, as always, and I am excited to learn what the next theme party might be.  I hope everyone out there had a great Easter with friends and family, perhaps next Easter the bunny rabbit will give you a Woozie in your basket!

April 2012 004

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