Thursday, March 8, 2012

You have children…I have fur babies!

Call me the cat lady if you want but let me explain first…

I love children and I am sure that when I have children of my own I will take millions of pictures of them and probably post them on this blog.  For now, I have fur babies, as people call them.  I have two perfect little companions: Nala Jean and Squeaks.  I know there are people out there that don’t like cats, or don’t understand the relationship between me and my cats.  I can respect your dislike but let me explain for a minute why these two little animals mean so much to me. 

Nala Jean: (middle name given by my long time friend Mandy while we where in college) I received as a 21st birthday present while still in college.  Nala has been with me thru 9 moves, 2 boyfriends, 1 husband, and many other changes.  Through everything I have been thru in the last 10 years, no matter what, when I walk in to my bedroom she is there and she is excited to see me.  She wants to cuddle, she loves me and has been my constant for 10 years. 

Squeaks: I found her when I lived in South Carolina. She was a little kitten squeaking outside of our house.  I wasn’t looking to take in another cat but she was just so little and cute.  When I realized she was also having a urinary tract issue (peeing blood) I knew I had to take her in.  Without our help, I am pretty sure she wouldn’t have made it alive for much longer.  She has been here with me for almost 6 years…many life changes and moves.  She is such a sweet cat…she doesn't need to be right up in my business but she wants to sit close by and watch. She is my little buddy. 

In a life that is full of changes and uncertainty my cats are the constants in my life.  No matter what I am going through, they don’t judge…they just sit by me and love me and I am happy with that companionship.  Because I love them so much here are some pictures of the two girls (just go with it…they are actually cute,or perhaps creepy if cats freak you out…either way I still love them)

February 2012 010

February 2012 011

February 2012 013

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  1. I love your kitties! And I'm glad you have their unconditional love.