Tuesday, March 27, 2012

My favorite day!!!

March 17th is a day that come March 18th I can’t wait for another year to pass so it will be the 17th again.  I am not sure at what point in my life this day came to be one of my all time favorite days but it did and I am not sure words can tell you why.  Since it is hard to explain the magic of this day with just words hopefully these pictures will help give you an idea of how crazy great this day it for me:

March 2012 003

Upon Grandma’s request we all meet at church downtown for mass in the morning to start things off on the right foot.  It is a very cool ceremony complete with bag pipes.  (I suppose I should preface this with the fact that this day is a family affair, and in case you don’t know my family…they are awesome and know how to have a good time)

March 2012 002

After church we all head over to Clauddagh’s in the Brewery District.  Below is a picture of my cousin Kurt…if you follow this blog at all you might recognize his head gear from last year. It belongs to my aunt Mick (his mom) and I wore it last year for St. Patty’s Day. It is just so funny we had to make him try it on…he wears it well HA!

March 2012 004

March 2012 007

Because we tend to stick to the same game plan year after year we also tend to run in to some of the same people year after year.  This group photo is a few of them…a brother and sister along with their friends.  We look forward to seeing them every year and they seem to enjoy us as well, especially grandma. They love March 17th as much as us so we have no problem celebrating the day with them.

March 2012 009

More good times below…hanging out with amazing friends and family.

March 2012 011

March 2012 012

March 2012 006

March 2012 015


So I don’t know the fella below but I loved his tiny hat headband and he let me try it on for this picture.  My friend/cousin in law, Chrisy saw me have it on just for the picture and then saw him have it on later and thought he had stolen it from me.  Needless to say, she was not going to let some guy steal my stuff so she confronted him and wouldn’t drop it until he gave the hat “back” to her so I could be reunited with it.  She felt sort of bad when I told her it was actually his, but we all moved on because I was so excited she got him to hand it over.  Watch out St.Patrick’s Day 2012 my tiny hat headband is coming for ya!!!!!


And finally…one of the main reason I have fallen in love with this day is because of the woman behind this shoe…


Ms. Helen Nash…aka, my grandma.  Her love for this day trickles down to her daughters, and has moved its magical way right on down to her granddaughters.  My aunts, grandma and several close family friends have been getting together to celebrate for years. They made the above shoes, they get DECKED out.  I get my obsession with collecting all things green honestly.  My grandma is an amazing women, as you may have read about in previous posts…and this is yet another example of just how amazing.  My grandpa spray paints her hair green every year…she wears her “mother superior” t-shirt along with other green things and she has the best time.  She leads by example…and we all have no problem following her lead.  St. Patrick’s Day …take a lesson from Grandma:let loose, dye your hair green, smile and enjoy every second of everything that is going on around you!!!!


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