Thursday, March 22, 2012

Arnold and Katniss Everdeen…random thoughts

I have been pretty busy over the last couple of weeks…big surprise, I know!  I thought I would just share some of this randomness with you and get you up to speed on my life.  I know you are all seriously dying to know what I have been up to so I will not keep you in suspense any longer. (That last sentence was all said in a sarcastic tone in case you didn’t feel it)

I have become borderline obsessed with my gym and the classes it has to offer.  I am thinking I need to write an entire post on this topic, so more to come.  For now I will just tell you that you need to look into it Ohio Krav Maga and Fitness because it is addicting, amazing and you will look and feel stronger.  At any rate, some girls from the gym and I headed to the Arnold Classic to see what we could find and to watch some of the Crossfit competitors/demonstrators (crossfit is one of the classes we take).  I have only been to the Arnold Expo twice and I can’t say I ever feel comfortable there.  It is truly another world…one in which I don’t belong.  Below is a few of the things we found during our expo adventure.  


This girl below was tiny…but was somehow super lifter and finished her workout of the day like a huge muscle man…incredible.


One of the guys competing…these people were so good and quick at this stuff that usually takes me nine years to even figure out the correct form!!


Now this was just weird…words cannot even describe what we are looking at here but “species” pretty much says enough!


This picture just makes me laugh…it is my friend Jess’s brother.  Some people actually looked pretty close to this at the Expo…uncomfortable for both them for hardly being able to walk with such muscles and for me because I couldn’t stop staring!


And finally I could not get thru a post today without expressing my excitement towards the fact that The Hunger Games movie is finally coming out!!!  See evidence of said excitement below:


When my sister Molly finally got me to read these books I fell IN LOVE!!! They are amazing and it seemed like the movie would never come out.  I am beyond excited to finally see this come to life on the big screen.  I will be heading that direction this Sunday…why not see it at midnight you may be asking yourself?? I have an issue with young folks commentating during a movie and that seems to happen a ton on an opening night of a big movie.  I also have an ish with having to stay up way past my bedtime.  I will enjoy myself this Sunday with some coworkers who equally loved the books and without the commentating and random applause at inappropriate times. 

Yay for The Hunger Games…and because I am a dork below is a picture of my cousin/roommate/friend that was taken last weekend.  Of course we really thought it looked like we were running from flames as characters in the Hunger Games…thank the sweet Lord we are not actually subjected to such things…but the picture was funny anyway. Hope everyone enjoys the movie…and if you haven’t read the books get on that NOW!!!


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