Tuesday, March 27, 2012

My favorite day!!!

March 17th is a day that come March 18th I can’t wait for another year to pass so it will be the 17th again.  I am not sure at what point in my life this day came to be one of my all time favorite days but it did and I am not sure words can tell you why.  Since it is hard to explain the magic of this day with just words hopefully these pictures will help give you an idea of how crazy great this day it for me:

March 2012 003

Upon Grandma’s request we all meet at church downtown for mass in the morning to start things off on the right foot.  It is a very cool ceremony complete with bag pipes.  (I suppose I should preface this with the fact that this day is a family affair, and in case you don’t know my family…they are awesome and know how to have a good time)

March 2012 002

After church we all head over to Clauddagh’s in the Brewery District.  Below is a picture of my cousin Kurt…if you follow this blog at all you might recognize his head gear from last year. It belongs to my aunt Mick (his mom) and I wore it last year for St. Patty’s Day. It is just so funny we had to make him try it on…he wears it well HA!

March 2012 004

March 2012 007

Because we tend to stick to the same game plan year after year we also tend to run in to some of the same people year after year.  This group photo is a few of them…a brother and sister along with their friends.  We look forward to seeing them every year and they seem to enjoy us as well, especially grandma. They love March 17th as much as us so we have no problem celebrating the day with them.

March 2012 009

More good times below…hanging out with amazing friends and family.

March 2012 011

March 2012 012

March 2012 006

March 2012 015


So I don’t know the fella below but I loved his tiny hat headband and he let me try it on for this picture.  My friend/cousin in law, Chrisy saw me have it on just for the picture and then saw him have it on later and thought he had stolen it from me.  Needless to say, she was not going to let some guy steal my stuff so she confronted him and wouldn’t drop it until he gave the hat “back” to her so I could be reunited with it.  She felt sort of bad when I told her it was actually his, but we all moved on because I was so excited she got him to hand it over.  Watch out St.Patrick’s Day 2012 my tiny hat headband is coming for ya!!!!!


And finally…one of the main reason I have fallen in love with this day is because of the woman behind this shoe…


Ms. Helen Nash…aka, my grandma.  Her love for this day trickles down to her daughters, and has moved its magical way right on down to her granddaughters.  My aunts, grandma and several close family friends have been getting together to celebrate for years. They made the above shoes, they get DECKED out.  I get my obsession with collecting all things green honestly.  My grandma is an amazing women, as you may have read about in previous posts…and this is yet another example of just how amazing.  My grandpa spray paints her hair green every year…she wears her “mother superior” t-shirt along with other green things and she has the best time.  She leads by example…and we all have no problem following her lead.  St. Patrick’s Day …take a lesson from Grandma:let loose, dye your hair green, smile and enjoy every second of everything that is going on around you!!!!


Thursday, March 22, 2012

Arnold and Katniss Everdeen…random thoughts

I have been pretty busy over the last couple of weeks…big surprise, I know!  I thought I would just share some of this randomness with you and get you up to speed on my life.  I know you are all seriously dying to know what I have been up to so I will not keep you in suspense any longer. (That last sentence was all said in a sarcastic tone in case you didn’t feel it)

I have become borderline obsessed with my gym and the classes it has to offer.  I am thinking I need to write an entire post on this topic, so more to come.  For now I will just tell you that you need to look into it Ohio Krav Maga and Fitness because it is addicting, amazing and you will look and feel stronger.  At any rate, some girls from the gym and I headed to the Arnold Classic to see what we could find and to watch some of the Crossfit competitors/demonstrators (crossfit is one of the classes we take).  I have only been to the Arnold Expo twice and I can’t say I ever feel comfortable there.  It is truly another world…one in which I don’t belong.  Below is a few of the things we found during our expo adventure.  


This girl below was tiny…but was somehow super lifter and finished her workout of the day like a huge muscle man…incredible.


One of the guys competing…these people were so good and quick at this stuff that usually takes me nine years to even figure out the correct form!!


Now this was just weird…words cannot even describe what we are looking at here but “species” pretty much says enough!


This picture just makes me laugh…it is my friend Jess’s brother.  Some people actually looked pretty close to this at the Expo…uncomfortable for both them for hardly being able to walk with such muscles and for me because I couldn’t stop staring!


And finally I could not get thru a post today without expressing my excitement towards the fact that The Hunger Games movie is finally coming out!!!  See evidence of said excitement below:


When my sister Molly finally got me to read these books I fell IN LOVE!!! They are amazing and it seemed like the movie would never come out.  I am beyond excited to finally see this come to life on the big screen.  I will be heading that direction this Sunday…why not see it at midnight you may be asking yourself?? I have an issue with young folks commentating during a movie and that seems to happen a ton on an opening night of a big movie.  I also have an ish with having to stay up way past my bedtime.  I will enjoy myself this Sunday with some coworkers who equally loved the books and without the commentating and random applause at inappropriate times. 

Yay for The Hunger Games…and because I am a dork below is a picture of my cousin/roommate/friend that was taken last weekend.  Of course we really thought it looked like we were running from flames as characters in the Hunger Games…thank the sweet Lord we are not actually subjected to such things…but the picture was funny anyway. Hope everyone enjoys the movie…and if you haven’t read the books get on that NOW!!!


Thursday, March 8, 2012

You have children…I have fur babies!

Call me the cat lady if you want but let me explain first…

I love children and I am sure that when I have children of my own I will take millions of pictures of them and probably post them on this blog.  For now, I have fur babies, as people call them.  I have two perfect little companions: Nala Jean and Squeaks.  I know there are people out there that don’t like cats, or don’t understand the relationship between me and my cats.  I can respect your dislike but let me explain for a minute why these two little animals mean so much to me. 

Nala Jean: (middle name given by my long time friend Mandy while we where in college) I received as a 21st birthday present while still in college.  Nala has been with me thru 9 moves, 2 boyfriends, 1 husband, and many other changes.  Through everything I have been thru in the last 10 years, no matter what, when I walk in to my bedroom she is there and she is excited to see me.  She wants to cuddle, she loves me and has been my constant for 10 years. 

Squeaks: I found her when I lived in South Carolina. She was a little kitten squeaking outside of our house.  I wasn’t looking to take in another cat but she was just so little and cute.  When I realized she was also having a urinary tract issue (peeing blood) I knew I had to take her in.  Without our help, I am pretty sure she wouldn’t have made it alive for much longer.  She has been here with me for almost 6 years…many life changes and moves.  She is such a sweet cat…she doesn't need to be right up in my business but she wants to sit close by and watch. She is my little buddy. 

In a life that is full of changes and uncertainty my cats are the constants in my life.  No matter what I am going through, they don’t judge…they just sit by me and love me and I am happy with that companionship.  Because I love them so much here are some pictures of the two girls (just go with it…they are actually cute,or perhaps creepy if cats freak you out…either way I still love them)

February 2012 010

February 2012 011

February 2012 013

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Swollen eyes and ugly dresses

A couple of weeks ago I had some issues with a medication I had been taking for over 10 years. Only a small percentage of people develop this specific condition called angioedema…and I just happened to be one of the lucky ones!  It all started when I decided to head outside on a nice day for a quick run.  When I returned back to my place my face felt funny and I could tell something was wrong.  When I looked into the mirror I was met with this surprise:  


AWWWW…go ahead and scream with me, you know you want to.  My eyes became swollen and remained that way for a good 48 hours…super awesome!  At any rate, they did eventually go down but I am still convinced they are not the same.  I think I now have more of a darker under color below my eyes…it could be just in my head.  From this lovely event I had to go see an allergist to make sure this happened because of a medication and not anything else. My sweet mom decided to come to Columbus and go see the doctor with me and then make a day of it.  The allergist confirmed what we had originally thought…an allergic reaction to a medication that I can no longer take.  End of that for now..thankfully!!

After that fun stuff, my mom and I decided to head over to the restaurant were my sister is a waitress: Barleys Smokehouse She has been asking us to get in there and see where she works for awhile now, so it seemed like the perfect opportunity.  We acted like proud family members and probably embarrassed her with the amount of pictures we took of little Molly all grown up, ha!

February 2012 001 

February 2012 002

Isn’t she precious!?!?! She did a really great job too, maybe I’m biased but we got our food in a timely manner and it was delicious! I would recommend checking this restaurant out and make sure you ask for Molly!

After lunch we headed to the Lane Ave. Shopping Center and looked around.  My mom and I are not shoppers…we don’t really love it, we get annoyed easy when forced to shop for longer than we want to (which is about 5 minutes) Every now and then the shopping bug might hit us and we take advantage and get stuff done, but this particular day my mom was even less thrilled with looking at clothes than her average day.  I came across a dress I thought was very cute…well my mom, on the other hand, HATED it.  She couldn't stop talking about how awful and ugly it was…she couldn't fathom someone putting yellow and tan together like that…blah, blah, blah :)  To end this I made her take a picture with the dress like it was her best friend and then we moved on to the next store.  See below, my mom and her favorite dress:

February 2012 003

Doesn’t she look so happy to be anywhere near the “ugly” thing?  It was actually pretty comical, gotta love her honesty!  Either way, it was a fun day and I welcome my mom to Columbus to “shop” with me any day…we always have a great time even if we aren’t the best shoppers in the world!