Sunday, February 26, 2012

Making Some Changes!

I wanted to write a quick post because I have been working on making some changes to my blog.  I am hoping to get busy and get WAY more active on here so hopefully that will happen…I think of so many things I can write about on a daily basis but it’s just finding the time to do it.  I guess I need to literally schedule “blog time” into my daily life, there really seems like no other solution. 

It’s just that sometimes other things happen first…like eating, or watching some great reality TV, or getting sucked into the pinterest world for hours, or facebook creeping the crap out of people (you know you do it too, it’s totally fine) or reading some new self help/fitness/diet/beauty book I just couldn’t live without.  Excuses, I know, but all of them are really easy to get distracted with so now that I have really narrowed down the issues at hand (and by narrowed I mean the 5 things I just listed) I can really tackle trying to limit them and get to blogging…YAY!

At any rate, back to the actual reason I even began this post…the changes to the blog.  Some of the things you may notice are:

1. “follow my blog by email” feature in the right sidebar.  Simply type your email address in that space, click enter and waalaa, you will get notifications whenever I post something new to the blog. AMAZING, so do it!!!!

2. The little/cute/amazing (why didn’t I do this sooner) tabs at the top of the blog.  Currently there is a “home” and a “contact” tab so now you know how to email me if you so feel the desire and need to let me know what you think or have a question or just want to say hello…whatevs----email me!  I plan on adding several more of these tabs so stay tuned for that as well.

3. I have added several more links to the “blogs i love” tab in the right sidebar so check them cause there are some really great ones.

4. I added a handy dandy “follow me on pinterest” button in the right sidebar as well, so check that out to see the cool things I have pinned on my boards.  I am completely obsessed with pinterest and it could be an issue (see above) but it is one thing I am not prepared to cut out of my life…waaaaay to much stuff out there that I need to know about! Seriously, check this site out…you too can become obsessed! Don’t say I didn’t warn ya :)

And with that, I say goodnight…hope everyone had an amazing weekend and will have an even better Monday!!!

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  1. Has your blog always had the tagline: "believe in yourself and let the glitter fly!"...if so, that should be considered a change, as well.