Thursday, January 12, 2012

Three Thing Thursday!

I have three things I need to talk about this lovely rainy/snowy Thursday.

1. Piada:

piada one

This place is amazing and I feel foolish that today was the first time I have even stepped foot in this place and ate there. It is “Italian Street Food” and is sort of like an Italian Chipotle. That description alone should make you want to run your buns straight to the nearest Piada, but just in case let me describe the food. You can order something called a piada (weird name I know) that is this flatbread tortilla looking thing covered in some sort of garlic olive oil spread and then you stuff it full of pasta noodles, sauces, veggies, meat, cheese,etc, etc, etc. I know it sounds super weird to put pasta in a tortilla but trust me when I say, it is delicious. If you just don’t feel like you can have that many carbs in one meal then just go with the pasta bowl (which for the record is still a ton of carbs so if that is your issue just go with the piada and get over yourself) Below is a picture of this deliciousness so run yourself to Piada immediately!!!!

piada two

2. Second thing I am going to mention I am only doing so because I cannot imagine I am the only person that has had this specific thing happen to them. It first happened a couple weekends ago when I was sick and home on the couch with my mom. It was just like any other day other than the fact that I was sick, laying on my parents couch, my mom was with me, and I wasn’t at work…anyways; we were flipping thru the channels and there was nothing on. We happened to stop on the Style network and caught an episode of this show called “Big, Rich Texas”


Yes, it was stupid but for some reason we found ourselves watching the entire hour…and then before we knew what was happening another episode had started immediately without giving us fair warning and so obviously we got sucked in to that one too. Hours later we were still sitting there talking to the tv and each other as if we knew these women and their daughters. Needless to say, we had stumbled across a marathon of the dang thing and we got hooked in a major way. Fast forward to this past Sunday and it was a day just like any other Sunday but somehow I let myself get suckered into another marathon of another dumb show called “Dance Moms”

dance moms

I have to say that although these shows are ridiculous and I feel like I had hours and hours of my precious life just taken away from me, robbed by these rich bitchy women and crazy dance moms…I found myself wanting to know what day and time they are on again. Perhaps I am nuts but I have to think I am not the only person in the world that has let this happen. Right????

3. Lastly…and this is a pretty random one (as if the other two were completely normal) today at work one of the ladies I work with received flowers. Yes I know, how sweet…but they were from someone she does business with which is still really nice. Ok,anyway the point of this story is what was in the flower arrangement. Randomly there was this weird little nest with a poor tiny neon green bird. I mean, why is it necessary to ruin a good flower arrangement with a weird dead looking pathetic bird. My words just aren’t going to do it justice so naturally I took a picture. See for yourself just how random and weird, and if i am being honest, CREEPY this poor little bird looks.


Like, why….that is all I am saying?!?!?

Ok so those were my three things for Thursday. Watch out everyone because tomorrow is Friday the 13th so keep your head on and good luck out there!

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  1. Yes, I feel like and idiot for loving Big Rich Texas...and I am NOT going to get hooked on the dance mom one....and the food lookd great, let's go there soon, and I kinda like the bird...not in the flowers tho.....