Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Sound of a Million Dreams…

I recently went to a David Nail concert in a smaller venue called The Bluestone and was reminded of so many things:

1. I love live music.

2. I love small venues.

3. I love singing along to great music at the top of my lungs with great friends…or complete strangers!




4. The yellow scarf I HAD to have for this concert proved to very cute (if I can toot my own horn) and I think it really brought some summer to those around me…that last thing was most likely in my head…but whatever, it made me think summer thoughts which really helped me to sing louder and most likely better, obviously!

5. I love singers that put huge amounts of emotion into their songs, voices and body language while singing…all of which David Nail, well…nailed (haha, I crack myself up) But seriously two of my most favorite songs by him are simply because of the lyrics. The first is called “Turning Home” which you can check out the lyrics here.  It was written by the great Kenney Chesney which doesn’t surprise me…but at any rate, I love it. The second song I recently have found a love for is called “The Sound of a Million Dreams” which I think he said it will be his next single.  You can read all of the lyrics here , or listen to it here but my favorite part is the chorus, which reads/sings like this:

“So I labor for hours ‘cause I know the power

Of a song when a song hits you right

Pouring my soul into stories of life

Hoping someone’ll hear one tonight

Maybe my voice will cut through the noise

And stir up an old memory

And out of these piano keys

Comes the sound, the sound of a million dreams

This simple chorus is exactly why I love actual lyrics to songs…it is why I love music.  I love that this song is about an artist writing music and singing in hopes that the listener will really feel the song and continue feeling the song long after the first listen…they want memories made during their songs that will be remembered every time you hear the song. 

“The power of a song when a song hits you right” I love that feeling, to be brought to laughter, tears, anxiousness…to be brought to any emotion simply by hearing a song and being taken back in time to when you listened to it and felt those emotions prior… it’s magical to me. 

And now when I hear David Nail I will instantly be back in that little venue with great friends and cousins singing along like crazy people.  I will remember the smell, the colors, the absolute contentment I had being there with everyone…and the yellow scarf, of course the yellow scarf! 

Lastly…(I promise, last random thought): I love this chorus because even though he is talking about singing and writing a song I relate to it even more on a blogging level. “Pouring my soul into stories of life, hoping someone will hear one tonight” That is pretty much my goal every single time I sit down to write a blog post.  I pour myself into these words…I don’t hold back, I write exactly how I would talk…and I do it all in hopes someone will read it and feel something…that they will read it and relate to my situations and thoughts and look a little differently at life…I write because even thought it is not a song my words can hit you right and I hope they usually do. So…listen to these songs, not just the music, listen to the lyrics because they are both beautiful and inspirational. And read my words and continue to read my words because I really am pouring my soul in to every single post I do!

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