Wednesday, January 4, 2012

12 Goals for 2012…

Today marks the 2 year anniversary of my D-Day, as I call it…in plain English, it is the day I got divorced 2 years ago.  Why in the world am I bringing this up in my post about goals for 2012 you may ask?!? I am a strong believer that you can’t get where you are going without looking at where you have been, and learning from it.  It makes me sad to think about that day, but I don’t regret that day…I have learned soooo much from that man, from that marriage, from that experience; both good and bad but the most important thing that came from that experience is that it brought me to where I am right now, on this day, with these words flowing out of me on to this computer screen.  I would not be what I am today had I not gone thru what I did then…and I will always believe in that!


And so it is another year, an even year which I have always been a fan of..2012. 12 just sounds better than 11, it rolls off the tongue better, i like writing it better, it’s not odd.  This year i have decided to make 12 goals for the year 2012 and I will post them here and now so that I am held accountable for them…so that I am putting them out there into the world and hoping I accomplish them over the next 361 (its already Jan.4th) days. Keep in mind, I am a very open person and so I am going to type exactly how I wrote these out in my journal holding nothing back so please don’t judge…or do, i actually don’t care either way. What I do hope is that you make 12 goals for yourself as well and not be embarrassed to share them and own them and live them for the next year.  And now without further ado, my goals:

1. Drink more water, drink less pop!

2. Become more vegan-eat less processed foods and bad sugar.

3. Therapy-believe and trust in the process of healing and moving on.

4. Date, date, date…and then let myself fall in love again and be loved. I deserve this!

5. Continue my cardio MMA classes but include more CrossFit and yoga.

6. Stop caring about what I am SUPPOSED to do and focus on what I WANT to do.

7. Stop procrastinating!

8. Blog, blog, blog-it makes me happy so I should do it more often.

9. Remain kind, compassionate and empathetic…be love :)

10. Drink less…no more drunken, bad emotional decisions or words :(

11. Start going back to church-I feel more at peace when I do this!

12. Begin to write a book.


There you have them…12 goals for 2012. These are all mine, some are simple-ish, some are deeper…but I plan on working on all of them.  I have come along way over the last 2 years and learned a lot and I will take all of that with me in to 2012 to help me with the next chapter of my life and hopefully come 2013 (even though I am not a fan of odd years) I will have become an even better person! 


My mantra for 2012: “Do what you can, with what you have, where you are”




  1. I know a great crossfit class at 6am. KK

  2. You are so cute and I love love your words!!!