Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Wedding Weekend Extravaganza! case you haven't read my post on weddings before, I LOVE THEM! Over this past weekend I got to partake in a few pre-wedding events for my friend Ashley. I have known Ashley since I was in 3rd grade...about 22 years!!! To even have a friend that has known me for that long is an incredible feeling but to get to be apart of her big day is even better.

The other thing I love about these pre-wedding parties is that I also have several other friends that I have known for equally as long and i get to see them too. there is something about sitting around with friends you have known for so long. You don't have to pretend to be anything you aren't,or explain yourself, because they have been there with you every step of your life. Without words they know may not talk to these people often but they know the real you and there is nothing better than that. Below is some of our little group together to celebrate the eventual big day of Ashley (which happens in November!)

The other things I got to be apart of was a bridal shower and bachelorette party for Ash. As great as it is to have our group of life long, old friends it is also kind of special to meet the friends these people have made along their life path. Below are the future bride and bridesmaids (minus one). When someone gets married it is very interesting to see who they pick to stand by them every step of the way to the alter. The people they pick kind of reflect the type of person they are, they were, and who they have become...I have to say, based on this group ( maybe I'm biased..haha) Ashley is a pretty good person and great judge of character :)It is so crazy to think back on your life with a friend...the things you have gone thru, the boys you have gotten over, the haircuts you made it happened, and to come full circle and still remain friends with people for over 22 years is amazing. Congrats Ash...can't wait for the big day!!!!!!!


  1. Your comments are spot on Abby! I enjoyed reading it.

    P.S. if there is a way to send me the pics, I would love to have them :)

  2. Hey Roberta! thanks so much for reading and I will email you more pics:)