Sunday, August 28, 2011

To Be Awesome

"Anyone can be cool, but awesome takes practice." -Lorraine Peterson-
I read that quote and literally laughed a little to myself. Is there really a difference between being cool and being awesome? I suppose there must be. After I stopped laughing about how simple and silly this quote is I, of course, started really thinking about what it meant. To be awesome takes practice....

On a daily basis you can be cool...but to me, being cool is just an outward look, a simple bodily expression that you have it all together. But to be awesome, that comes from have to practice and practice and really believe you are awesome to actually be awesome. Now, I realize the words "cool" and "awesome" are so simple and over used but really think about the difference and what she is saying when she says, "Anyone can be cool, but awesome takes practice!"

I think the people we surround ourselves with help to make us awesome...and that is the reason I posted the picture above. Had you told me when I was growing up that someday my bratty little, 8 years younger than me sister and my sporty younger cousin would be some of the most important supporters in my life I probably wouldn't have believed you. Of course they are family, so it was never that far of a stretch but the importance these two have in making me feel and believe and practice being awesome is unspeakable.

I can only hope everyone has those people that, even when your awesomeness fades in your own eyes, they are there to remind you that you are not only cool, but simply awesome! Practice being awesome because deep down everyone has it.

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