Monday, June 20, 2011


Life is all about choices...Sometimes you don't even know you have a choice, but you always do.

I was reminded of this yesterday when I went home to celebrate Father's Day and got to sit down with my family and my grandparents. Reminiscing on stories of how my grandparents met, how they made their way through this world, how they managed to have 13 children...2 deaths, many injuries, a ton of laughter and still manage to be celebrating 60 years of marriage holding hands and with respect and love for one another.

It was with listening to them talk I was made to remember that life is made up of millions of tiny little choices...every second you are faced with so many. It can be as simple as "should i wear the red shirt or blue shirt?" right on down to "should i let past mistakes and heartaches cause me to be fearful of things, or should i learn from them and grow?" Talking with my grandparents I realized just how true this is.

They made a choice every single day to love each other, they made a choice every single day to provide for their create a family that was built on kindness, hard work, love, and faith. Looking back they would tell you they didn't even realize they were making those choices, and they would tell you they weren't always easy ones. And they still make choices that shape who they are...they choose to maintain strong relationships with their children. They choose to keep their faith a top priority, they choose to remain VERY active and present in their lives even if they are in their 80's. They basically choose to laugh in the face of age and continue on as if they were 20!

I guess my point in all of this is that when you take it down to simply saying..."I have a choice", life seems a little more simple. I can choose to wake up every morning and be guarded and carry the weight of every past mistake and heartbreak on my shoulders, or I can wake up every morning and choose to be remember bad mistakes and heartbreak, but use them as lessons...I can choose to be happy.

If you get overwhelmed with all of the choices life might throw at you...if you get fearful because moving forward in life could bring you more hurt than you think you could ever handle...if you find yourself faced with death...if you loose your job...if you wake up and it seems you have nothing to get out of bed for...

Get up anyway, smile...look at all of the choices you have, and if they all seem like too much to handle, then let me make it simple: Choose happiness. Make the choices that leave you feeling happy, leave you feeling satisfied, leave you feeling at peace...They might not be the easier of the two choices, but in the end always choose happiness!