Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Rain and sweat

I am completely and utterly sick of this rain!!! I woke up this morning, barely, and did not want to get out of my bed. Somehow I managed to find the will power to get up and as i was driving to work i realized the grey skies and Ohio weather were getting the best of me.

Somehow, today, I was determined to find something positive about all of this rain, and just when I was thinking how nice and green everything must look in the sunlight (sort of positive) I parked my car, got out and nearly stepped on this:

WORMS!!!!! And not just this one...they are all over the ground. As if that isn't disgusting enough it actually smelled like worms. Now I know I have the nose of a dog but it was really bad. Let me recap...not only did i have to play hopscotch to avoid stepping on a worm but i also had to do this while trying not to throw up a little in my mouth from the smell. I really tried to be positive about this rain, but today was not the day...maybe tomorrow. Ohio weather:1, me:0

With that being said I did partake in something good today...my sister and I attended a hot yoga class at Tracey Gardner Method Studio http://www.traceygardnermethod.com/ I have attempted this class a couple of times and am actually starting to enjoy it. They heat the room,which is only lit my candles and a small amount of rope light, to a sweltering 100 degrees! They have humidifiers going, loud great music, and it is not your typical yoga. Supposedly you burn near 1000 calories in one class which i totally believe...you look like you just got out a swimming pool when you are finished but it isn't water it is sweat :) At any rate Molly (my sister) and I are planning on keeping this up once a week...watch out world i potentially could have nice arms for the first time in my life.

Here is a pic after the class...since we both decided to go all Johnny Cash and wear all black you cannot tell that our clothes are completely soaked in sweat, but you get the point. Check out her website and her class if you live in the Columbus area...totally worth it!


  1. Well, I am glad that you managed to survive that class...you are better than I!

  2. Hi there!! So my sister and I were checking out your blog (we love it by the way!), and she was like "you guys are totally the same person!" (I think it was the yoga, the semi-veganism, the turning 30 thing, the makeup obession...). And if you really enjoy yoga (which it sounds like you are getting there) and I think I noticed that you live downtown, you should totally check out V Power Yoga - its right downtown. Julie, the woman who owns the studio, is amazing and rumor has it that Tracy Gardner actually made her start at V Power. Its a little more bright and sunny than TGM, but you leaving just as dripping. Here is the link to the studio: http://www.vpoweryoga.com/

    Good luck with yoga and blogging and everything and I look forward to reading much more!! xoxo.

  3. Hi! Thanks so much for the great feedback on my blog. I really enjoy reading yours as well and I have to agree, we do have SO much in common...I may run in to you walking aimlessly around barnes and noble one day:)

    Thanks for the tip on that yoga class, I do live downtown and am always looking for new things to try. A little more bright and sunny than TGM actually sounds fantastic! I will for sure check it out and may just run in to you at a class sometime soon.

    Good luck on your blog and life adventures as well and I too look forward to reading all about them!