Saturday, May 7, 2011

Race day energy!

As I was driving to work this morning (i fill in at the medical spa i used to work for on the occasional Saturday...sweet discounts on products and makeup, what more can i say) I realized it was the morning of the Capital City Half and full Marathon. My first clue was the many people walking around in running attire, but I swear I could also feel that energy you only get from a race. There is just something unexplainable about race day. If you have not ever ran in a race...even a 5k, you MUST, MUST, MUST try it at least once. The energy is like nothing else, and as I was driving (feeling a little lazy) I was reminded of this time last year. My entire family signed up for and walked in the same half marathon. We wore matching green outfits and proudly looked like a group of big old dorks, but we had so much fun. It made me a little sad that we didn't sign up again for this one, but we couldn't pull it together in time.

However, just seeing all the action of race day has convinced me even more to sign up for the Columbus Half Marathon in the fall. I am actually going to join MIT (marathon in training). Yes, I have finished numerous half marathons and am not new to the idea surrounding them. I am able to train by myself, but I decided to join a group because I figure it will be another much needed way to hopefully meet new people. I know I need all the help I can get in the "meeting new people" department, so why not combine a few things I like to do and kill two birds with one stone. Also I have never seriously trained for a half marathon, so i am putting all of my effort in to this one so that i can say for the first time "i trained my ass off for that race and couldn't have done any better!"

At any rate, hopefully my 30 year old knees and plantar fascitis foot will hold out for one more race! If you have any interest in joining me on this journey check out: If I can finish these types of races literally ANYONE can do it. I don't even think you can call what I do running...sometimes i am certain i could be walking faster, but i get it done and usually enjoy most of it! The great thing about MIT is that anyone can do it at any speed, including walkers so check it out and let me know if you have any questions. Here goes nothing...


  1. you should try it on 54 year old knees...

  2. HAHA..oh my mom you completed many more races..full marathons included than the average person could even dream of, NEVER forget that :)