Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Why I love St. Patrick's Day!

I have been totally neglecting this blog and I apologize. I have started a new job, moved downtown, and have just been really really...well, HAPPY! For some reason I turn to this blog when I have something to write about that really speaks to me or touches me...i write when I really feel something. When I am very happy and carefree like i have been the last month I don't tend to really sit down and think deeply about things...i don't know if this is good or bad, but either way i am happy.

With that being said, my absolute favorite holiday is right around the corner and I finally have something to write about. ST.PATRICK'S DAY!!!!! I don't think I have always loved this day as much as I do right now, but sometimes people ask me why in the world I love this day so much so it got me thinking. I looked back on pictures from previous years and laugh out loud at how much fun i have had on this day. For awhile there I went to Savannah,GA for this day and always, ALWAYS loved it. If you haven't made it down there for St. Pattys Day, or any day for that matter, i would strongly recommend it! Most recently I have come to see what I have heard so much about over the years...my grandma and aunts have always loved this day and have always made a day of it coming up to Columbus and having fun all day. They go ALL OUT...they have shoes, shirts, necklaces, ties...my grandma even dyes her hair green for the big day! Being with them (and several cousins, my sister and some family friends) last year really solidified my love for this day. We dress up in ridiculous clothes and accessories, drink green beer, dance like no one is watching, and laugh so hard your stomachs sometimes hurt...how could you not love a day like that???? I know I am soooo incredibly lucky to have a family like i do that really understands what it means to let loose every once in a while. I walk around on St. Patrick's Day and have never been prouder to be walking with the people I am...ridiculous as we all are looking, i would never want it any other way!!!

Check out some of the pics from last year and my collection of green things to wear and then ask yourself....how could you not have fun on this day if you were with these people???

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