Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day....this day is so intriguing to me. As with so many things, this day can be such a source of joy and love for people, but it can also be one of bitterness and depression. When faced with those two options, I am always going to go towards the first. If you know me at all or have read any previous posts on this blog you may realize that no matter what life throws in my direction one thing will always remain constant and that is my love of LOVE. I believe in it's power...the love you have for yourself...the love you have towards a significant other....the love you have for family...the love you have for for of of looking at old pictures and for or of anything really...i love LOVE. No matter what, that will always remain true!

So, of course, Valentine's Day is a favorite of mine. It is sort of the same feeling you get at a wedding watching the grooms reaction to the bride walking down the aisle, or the moment when the maid of honor or best mans voice cracks with emotion during their speech all because they love the bride and groom so much. Watching the love swirl around everyone on this day is magical. The smile on the face of the girl in the office that receives flowers, the excitement on the face of the kid whose parent brings in goodies just for his is everywhere and I enjoy every minute of it.

I may not have received flowers, or gone home to a surprise dinner...but I received a card from my parents that was perfect...i received a card from my cousin that made me laugh...I watched as two best friends at work exchanged cards just because they love their friendship...I got to see so many couples remembering why they fell in love with each other and celebrating it. I may not have someone "special" on Valentine's Day but I really don't believe that is the point of this day. It's about celebrating the greatest thing in the world...LOVE.

My mom wrote a post on her blog and it reminded me why I am the way I am...she is an amazing person, mother, and friend and on this day I am also reminded of the wonderful love I have towards my mom and my strong, loving, and passionate dad. Without them i am not sure I would have the strength or wisdom to even type these words. In her blog she is reminded of how people tend to spend their lives trying to "be enough" and she realized that we are who we are and that is ENOUGH...she also wrote this simple quote:

"too soon old, too late smart"

Thanks to my mom and dad I hope I will never live by this quote...this is the life lesson they have tried to teach my for years and I am happy to report I have listened.

Valentine's Day is not just for is for everyone. When faced with a choice on this day and everyday I hope you will always choose to see the joy and love and push away the urge to feel the bitterness and depression. Don't ever be selfish enough to not enjoy the expression on a person's face when the love of their life surprises them with a token of passion and love. That look is priceless and the more you open your heart to the joy of those moments I am convinced you will be blessed with them too. At least I hope :)

Happy Valentine's Day everyone...I hope this day has been as filled with love as mine has, and if it hasn't try again to see things differently tomorrow and I know your day will seem a whole lot better.

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  1. I love, loVE, LOVE that after all life has thrown your way, in such a short period of time, that you are not jaded, and are OPEN to beauty, hope and LOVE!!!!
    So proud of you,
    LOVE jomama :)